All testimonials are from clients who have completed the 30 Day Whole Body Detox. Results not typical. 

Here is Emily’s story. She is a 31 year old mom of 3.

After having a string of health issues, I thought that it would be good to do some sort of detox to clear my body of all of the medications, toxins, etc. to see if that would help my body get back to “normal”. (I had a couple of UTIs, which led to a kidney infection, which then led to some other health issues that were not able to be diagnosed.)

My mother-in-law told me about the 30-Day Whole Body Detox, and it sounded like just what my body needed. The first two weeks of the detox were the hardest; the sugar (and coffee) cravings were real. After two weeks, my body began to find a new normal and started craving more and more veggies and whole foods. It was about 3 weeks into the detox that I started to feel back to “normal” and without (or very little) pain/cramping that I had been experiencing for the past 3 months.

I completed the detox a couple of weeks ago, and it’s hard to say what exactly it was that made my body regulate and get back to normal again, but I do believe that the detox played a huge role. (I had an adverse reaction to one of the antibiotics I was given in the midst of all of this, which may have compounded my symptoms.) The supplements and healthy eating were integral to getting my body back to the healthy norm that it was before my string of health issues. I am so very thankful to be feeling my best once again and am continuing to limit dairy, wheat, and sugar. I’m also continuing to take the Cellsential vitamins and minerals from USANA. I’ve definitely noticed increased energy as well!


Miranda Mirr - Detox Success!

Miranda Mirr – Detox Success!

‘Thank you for an incredible 30 days – I made it ! My skin is glowing and my eczema has disminished – so cool. I actually enjoyed trying the new recipes and now have new fav’s – Buddha bowl daily; the protein bars I make every Sunday ( and will continue to ). I sleep better and have great energy left for fitness. I lost 3 lbs – looks to be all from my waist !!” – Miranda Marr






“After the 30 days I am sleeping much better; I have fewer food cravings; I was never starving and my skin is better. I lost 1.5 inches from my waist, my hips stayed the same and I lost 9.5 pounds!!! I will be continuing with much of what I have been doing going forward (however a glass of wine is in my plans for tonight)” – Yvonne

“After 30+ days of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, we are feeling more energized, less joint pain for Johnny (husband), and I am down one inch at my waist and one inch at my hips. Johnny is down 2 and 2 and he is taking less insulin (he has Type 1 diabetes)!! We are continuing this journey with my personal trainer, USANA supplements and the healthy recipes! Loving this and can’t wait to continue coaching more clients!” – Sylvia

Originally I had no faith in myself to follow this through after a hefty caffeine withdrawal over the first few days. But, after quickly reminding myself of why I was doing this, those days came and went, and before I knew it. I was through the month. I lost 4 inches in total and went down a pant a dress size. I have so much energy and my sleep has never been better. Thank you to Julie Boyer for creating this wonderful program and to Carm and Sarah for sharing this with me! I will be carrying this with me always!” – Jennifer

“I just want to say that I am down 11 pounds and have 5 more days left of the 30 day detox. It really has and continues to be a great program and I feel wonderful ….Just wanted to say thanks ..I am eating foods that I would have never eaten before so this is great.” – Karen

“Today was Day 30 for me and I’ve lost 11 lbs! I plan to continue this lifestyle choice indefinitely! My energy is WAY up and i feel totally clean. Thank you Julie Boyer!!!” – Carmelle

“I don’t know how much I have lost but I feel amazing and have been told I look amazing! In 30 days I have formed new habits and a new lifestyle and its going to stay! Thank you Julie Boyer for this amazing program!” – Sarah

Over the past three years, we’ve had many successful clients, here are some of their stories. Read all of the stories in full on the blog. Newest testimonials from 2014:

Sara's Detox Success

Sara’s Detox Success

This is Sara’s 3rd year doing the program, and it’s been her MOST successful yet! Read her full story here. ‘I learned that I love to prepare new recipes and create healthy meals daily. I never thought I would crave vegetables and fruits the way I do now. And my daily cooking brought our family closer than ever before.’

Sonya's before and after

Sonya’s before and after


Sonya completed the detox in 2014 and has not stopped ‘doing the program’ even after 30 days. Her lifestyle has been changed for good. Check out her full story here. ‘I no longer felt the ‘bloat’ or ‘stuffed’ feeling after any meal, I never felt like I was missing out on anything or depriving myself from something I wanted to eat. But I also felt so much more comfortable in my clothes – including that favorite pair of jeans!!’  

Shirley completed the detox for the first time this year and discovery that she has a fairly several gluten-intolerance, she shares her story here and how her life has been changed for good. ‘I had questioned what was going on with my body, but was never brave enough to do a gluten, or dairy elimination, to try and prove it, till I heard about this plan.’

Luanne before and after

Luanne before and after

Luanne’s first year doing the program: ‘The results are in! The 30 Day Whole Body Detox is completed! I feel amazing!! Down 9lbs, sleeping better, skin feels & looks great & ENERGIZED! Best decision ever!!! Thank you Julie Boyer for introducing this inspiring program!!! Hats off to my 2 beauties who motivated me every day! This journey was unforgettable!
Cherlynn's Success!

Cherlynn’s Success!

Cherlynn’s story is very inspiring – read the full blog post here:  ‘Eliminating certain things from my diet really has shown me an optimal way of living. I’m trying to embrace my body and not focus in on my negative points and show myself some love. I have a little girl looking up to me who I want to learn self love and embrace her body. So here it is! I’m down 8 lbs and I definitely have more energy and I’m trying my best to keep up the healthy eating. 


Anu and Mika, mother and daughter-in-law, decided to do the program together:

‘The detox diet has been good. I went to a birthday party with my daughter where there was pizza and cake.  I had no craving for either of them. I took one bite of each and threw them out when no one was looking.  When I go to grocery store instead of going to junk food section I see what fruits can I buy, which new vegetables I can introduce my family.  There is no butter in my house now only Earth Balance spread. There are mostly gluten free snacks in my house. No chocolate chip cookies or potato chips anymore.  I am happy that my daughter has taken to these new healthy food choices, she is on almond milk and we have stopped buying 2% milk. Thanks again Julie.’ – Mika, full-time working mom to a 3 year old little girl

‘The 30 Day Whole Body Detox helped me getting rid of frequent headaches, shortness of breath, water retention, low energy, difficulty concentrating and mood swings. No more sugar cravings!!!! (This is a) great program, my whole family is a fan of USANA products. Thanks once again Julie,’ – Anu, mother and grandmother, working full-time

Vicki’s results from her first year: ‘Over and above the fact that it was easy to incorporate in the busy family lifestyle, I felt amazing! I was surprised how energetic I felt after few days without coffee. I woke up feeling vibrant. I had my probiotics, hot lemon water and a green smoothie later on. I stopped being bloated, heavy and tired.  I got though the afternoon without the typical crash!’

035Corinne is a mom a three, twin 7 year old boys and a 9 year old girl. ‘The biggest change besides the obvious weight loss, stable mood and stable energy to draw from, has been my ATTITUDE. I don’t beat myself up any more….and guess what? It works! I am succeeding!! And I lost a total of 13 pounds! I can tell you that most of my pants are sagging or hard to keep up, so I know that is a very promising sign that many inches have also been lost!’ Read the full story here.


Pat Birnie, mom of 4 and grandmother of 6, business owner and late-blooming entrepreneur. ‘I was excited about the prospect (of the program) and actually looked forward to the 28 days! I had no idea how life-changing it would be. So…28 days of detoxing later, I not only felt amazing, but brought my inhaled steroids by 50% down (did this one dose at a time over a 3 months period to ensure no sudden problems). ‘ Read the full story here.


Kenda Blum, founder of Balance My Life. ‘The best part about this program is that it teaches you how to eat properly and gets you excited about food again. It was so easy before to pull a box out of the freezer but now I enjoy trying new recipes, going grocery shopping and fueling my body with only the good stuff’. Read the full story here.


Nina Nicklin. mom of 3, who has Crohn’s Disease. Here is Nina’s story: ‘In May 2013, I completed the 28 Day detox (cheated twice). Having Crohn’s disease I have kept myself in remission for 14 years. For 2 years I was on USANA products. I went off them due to the cost was too high for me to purchase any longer. I had great stressors that same year and I ended up on steroids due to a flair up of my disease. This was the first time I’ve had to take them. I went up 20 lbs. I soon found out that due to my exercise routine, which I doubled during taking the meds, I actually gained about 1/2 of what others have gained on those meds. For the past year I have been trying, to get back to my prior weight and I only lost 8 of the 20 lbs. Yes, I am a person with Crohn’s who doesn’t have the benefit of low weight. I work every day at it. When I couldn’t fit in any of my shorts that I had prior to my relapse, I was totally frustrated. I hate shopping!! So Julie suggested the 28 Day Total Body Detox. I dropped 6 lbs in 28 days. For me that would usually take a year to do. Since I give up a lot of foods, due to my Crohn’s, it wasn’t that difficult to stay on track. Beer after a good game of beach volleyball or baseball was difficult & had to stay away from Gorilla Cheese (one of my favourite places to have lunch). I am currently fitting into all my shorts again & hope to drop the last 5 lbs by going on a modified Detox. I am definitely incorporating some of the stuff I changed during the detox into my daily life. We have adjusted the USANA products to last longer & still get the benefits. Thanks Julie for being patient with me during my 2 years away from USANA and coming to me when you knew it was worth it for me.’

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