The 5th Edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox is LIVE!

New cover for the Recipe & Guidebook

New cover for the Recipe & Guidebook

We are LIVE with the 5th edition of the program! The coaching program is now open for enrollment and if you were a coach for the 4th edition, you can simply renew and receive the entire updated program for only $9.99.

The program has grown again! Here is what’s new in the 5th edition:

  • 20 New Recipes
  • 2 New Chapters: Soups & BBQ
  • Year round detox tips – How to successfully complete the program in the Spring, Summer & Fall
  • Where’s the beef? – Adding a little bit of red meat to your detox program, with our specific guidelines
  • Coach’s Program & Renewal – Previous coaches can renew for only $9.99
  • French program – Détox complète de 30 jours, launching the first week of April 2016.
  • Exclusive DropBox access (for coaches) making it easier to share and save all of the program files
  • 25 contributors!
  • Over 80 recipes!

5th edition detox launch

Ready to join us? First group start is April 4th. Returning clients, please contact your coach to see how you can SAVE 10%. New clients? Please ORDER NOW to make sure your products arrive in time.

Please join us for our LIVE launch event on Tuesday March 29th in Burlington, ON, featuring our favorite key note speaker, Dr. Olinca Trejo, Naturopathic Doctor. Tickets are FREE for clients or potential clients, $15 for coaches or potential coaches.

For more information about becoming a program coach, please check out this webinar from March 14th, 2016 that includes an overview of the program, how to become a coach and all of the benefits of becoming a coach.

The First Signs of Spring, It’s Almost Time for Detox!

Ready for Detox, 30 day whole body detox. grateful entrepreneur, julie boyerThis morning I woke up to the sound of rain falling on the windows. It’s a grey, late winter day and I’m thankful for rain rather than snow. My family in BC would probably prefer a break from the rain with a bit of snow! Our winter has been rather mild and it seems like spring is just around the corner, with temperatures above 10°C this week and all of the snow has melted. And one of our detox veterans, Pat Birnie, has already started her yearly 30 Day Whole Body Detox – 3 weeks before the ‘early bird’ group. It’s quickly approaching my 2nd favorite time of the year – Detox time!

Gratitude Tip: Spring is a beautiful time of renewal. It is the best time of year for a gentle detox program. Our 30 Day Whole Body Detox is a healthy, whole food detox program that nourishes your body at a cellular level. Taking 30 days to pay attention to your body, to nourish your cells and give your liver a break is a wonderful way to release the toxins that may have accumulated of the winter and to look and feel your best going into the summer season. The program is about doing something for YOU. This holistic program is all about giving your self and your cells some love.

Before I created this program, I had never done any kind of detox program before, as I thought that a ‘detox’ program had to be very restrictive and involved ways of eating that could not be maintained for more that a few days or weeks. I wasn’t interested in any quick fix program, just to go back to my old habits afterwards. I was looking to create a program that could lead to lifestyle changes, not only for me, but for my clients as well.

What is detoxification? From the Medical Dictionary onlineDetoxification is one of the more widely used treatments and concepts in alternative medicine. It is based on the principle that illnesses can be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances (toxins) in the body. Eliminating existing toxins and avoiding new toxins are essential parts of the healing process. Detoxification utilizes a variety of tests and techniques. The rest of this dictionary entry is well written and explains may of the same principles that we built our program on, including the use of supplements to support the detoxification process.

30 day whole body detoxThe 5th edition of the program will be launching on Monday March 14th, and existing program coaches will be able to renew and receive the new program for only $9.99! New program coaches can enroll for only $49.95 to receive the entire program and license to share with up to 9 clients. All of the details can be found here. Registration will be open Monday. I will be doing a LIVE call for new and existing coaches on Monday March 14th at 8:30 pm EST, please join me here: for an update on the new program, key dates for 2016 and why now is the time to join our program.

Live Launch! julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxFor those who are interested in completing the program as a clients, either as a new client or program veteran, the first group start will be on April 4th. To enroll online (new clients only), please visit our online enrollment form. We will be doing a LIVE program launch on Tuesday March 29th here in Burlington, Ontario, featuring our favorite keynote speaker (and one of the program co-founders), Dr. Olinca Trejo, Naturopathic Doctor. Olinca has been speaking at our live events for the past four years and she always has amazing information to share with us. This event always sells out, please register ahead of time to secure your spots. Clients and potential clients are FREE, coaches tickets are $10 until March 15th (early bird).

And lastly, this year we are once again printing copies of the guidebooks! Expanded by 40 pages over the last printed edition, copies will be available very soon! Please contact to purchase yours as quantities are limited. As the program will not be revised in 2017, the guidebooks can be used for this year and next year’s program.

Are You Ready for a Spring Detox?

Are You Ready for a Spring Detox?

30DayWholeBodyDetox2016As I look outside and see the snow falling, it seems like spring is a long way from today. Yet it’s less than a month til the first day of spring! Every year at this time, we are hard at work on updating the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program – this year is no exception. The 5th edition is coming together really well and will be our best and biggest program to date. This program is a healthy, whole food detox program that will nourish your body at the cellular level.

Gratitude Tip: Why do a spring detox program? First, it’s all about giving your cells some love and nourishment. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and they are constantly being renewed on a daily basis. Taking 30 days of our 365 to nourish and feed our cells with healthy, whole foods and optimal supplementation is a real gift to our bodies. And what usually happens after the program is that our habits are changed for the better and we continue to feel the healthy effects of the program for months after. 

In early 2012, I found myself driving Dr. Libby Weaver, internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, to a luncheon with some of my teammates. If you’ve ever met Dr. Libby, you know that a conversation about your digestion will be certain to come up. I mentioned that yes, I did have some bowel issues and stomach pain after meals. Dr. Libby recommended that I try and see how I would feel when I removed gluten from my diet for a month. I nodded and smiled and agreed that would be a good idea.
However, initially I didn’t really agree. Being a lifelong vegetarian and former triathlete, I didn’t really think I could live without gluten. In 2012, gluten-free was not the buzz word that it is today. Gluten-free meant eliminating all grain products, breads, crackers and of course desserts and baking.
I had already been in the nutrition and wellness business for six years, and had created many different programs over the years. The first time I ran a new program, I would do it with my clients to experience it myself. When the idea of a 30 gluten-free program was planted by Dr. Libby, I decided to go ahead and create the program, and invited my clients along. I knew that I would some need help putting the program together, so I asked Dr. Olinca Trejo, Naturopathic Doctor and Laura Townsend, Registered Holistic Nutritionist to work with me on that first program.
About two dozen people joined me that first year. The next year it grew to a hundred. And in 2015, the 4th edition of the program, over 300 people enrolled in the detox. We added a coach’s program that allowed for more wellness specialists to lead their clients through the program. The majority of clients completed the program in the spring, and with the launch of a Summer Supplement and a Fall Supplement, the program was now able to be completed year round. The 4th edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook was launched on Amazon and become a global bestseller in June 2015.

What’s next for this program? The 5th edition is now a year-round program, with the emphasis on completing the program every spring. And we are collaborating with more and more experts and contributors across Canada. The program will also be available in French at the Détox complète de 30 jours – pre-sale pricing is only $39.95 which contributes directly to the cost of the translation project.

Live Launch! julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxJoin us LIVE here in Burlington Ontario  on Tuesday March 29th for the annual spring nutrition seminar and launch of the 5th Edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, featuring keynote speaker, Dr. Olinca Trejo, ND. Tickets are FREE for all program clients or those who are simply interested in coming out to learn more from our amazing speakers. Please RESERVE your tickets ahead of time however as the event always sells out.

Day 28 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge! I’ll be doing another random draw this weekend, so make sure you keep tagging your posts with our hashtag #40daysofgratitude to be entered to win.

#1 International Bestseller!

amazon bestseller 30 day whole body detox

We did! 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook is now an International Amazon Bestseller! A huge congrats to all of the contributors who are now bestselling authors!

If you missed the promo price of $0.99, not to worry, you can still get your copy for $4.99 (local currency). Thank you for all who purchased on our launch day, June 4th, 2015. If you’ve read the book and you enjoyed it, please visit your local Amazon site to give it a 5 star review (should you feel we deserve it!).

Here are the full results:

Amazon Global:
#1 Bestseller in 29 categories worldwide
#1 Bestseller on 35 Hot New Release lists – Canada
#27 Bestseller in ALL Kindle Books
#1 Bestseller in 9 categories
#1 Hot New Releases in 11 categories – German
#1 Bestseller in 6 categories
#1 Hot New Releases in 8 categories – Australia
#1 Bestseller in 8 categories
#1 Hot New Releases in 8 categories – US
#1 Bestseller in 6 categories
#1 Hot New Releases in 8 categories

Now that the book release is done we can focus on what’s next – a summer supplement for 2015. Stay tuned for this bonus!

eBook Launch Only 99 Cents!


Please join us for the International eBook launch of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook for only $0.99!!

Our book site, will be LIVE on Thursday June 4th and we will be giving away promo gifts all day long. Please forward your receipt to The video for the launch is also posted on our Facebook page:
Join us on Facebook for our virtual event on Thursday June 4th. Click here to join us! 
The book will be available for purchase on, .ca, .de, .au and .uk. If you don’t have a Kindle, not to worry, the app can be installed on most devices and you can view a Kindle book on a tablet or phone.

coffee with 30 Day Whole Body Detox

Detox As A Couple

Sara Martel is a veteran of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program but this is the first year that her and her hubby did the program. Here is her short testimonial and their pictures that say a thousand words.

‘We did it !! John and I completed the 30 Day Whole Body Detox despite weddings and showers, birthday and dinner parties and everything in between. We got off track a little at times but what we did really well was to get right back on track. John lost two inches around his waist, his clothes fit better and he has more energy ! I lost another inch as well and with 6 months under my belt of eating almost no dairy or grains this 30 Day Whole Body Detox continued to reinforce these habits. And most importantly it reinforced for John this fun and delicious way of nourishing our bodies for life. So in’s not really over !’

It's more fun to do it with your spouse!

It’s more fun to do it with your spouse!

Sara’s creativity in the kitchen has inspired her to write her own eCookbook – stay tuned as we will be launching it on the blog. Did you know that we are launching the Kindle version of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook on Tuesday June 4th? Mark your calendars to get the promo price of $0.99!!!

Sara Martel 30 Day Whole Body Detox

Final Day of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, 2015

Final Day of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, 2015

Julie Boyer, post 30 Day Whole Body Detox

Julie Boyer, post 30 Day Whole Body Detox

We’ve reached the final day of our 30 Day Whole Body Detox for the group that started on April 7th. It’s hard to believe that 30 days has already gone by. I actually feel like this is my new way of living. I haven’t had a single piece of dark chocolate in 30 days and I’m absolutely okay with it. For me this program is usually about breaking a sugar addiction that I have built up over the winter. What I’ve realized is that the weight loss that goes with the program is actually because I tend to gain weight every single winter. So the scale does actually show that I have lost 7 pounds but those seven pounds were gained during the winter.

I have made it a goal so that next year when I do the 5th edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox that I have zero weight to lose and I stay exactly where I am for the entire year. I also want to make a commitment that I will no longer be a slave to sugar. It feels so incredible to be free from the sugar addiction and I feel completely in control of what goes into my mouth. I no longer crave any food after dinner and I don’t wake up feeling hungry. To me this is incredibly powerful.

Julie and family

My family!

As for alcohol, will I be continuing to drink? I believe that I will introduce some alcohol back into my diet but very very slowly because last weekend when I had a small glass of bubbly to celebrate my husband’s new job I didn’t feel very well after drinking only half of it. No matter where you are on your 30 Day Whole Body Detox journey right now I want you to know that I am proud of you. It takes a lot of commitment to do anything for 30 days and I know that sometimes it can be difficult to explain what you’re doing to the people in your life. Hopefully some of those people have given you incredible support. But know that everyone in our 30 Day Whole Body Detox community is here for you.

If you haven’t started yet and you want to start you can join the group that is starting next week on May 11th. If that date doesn’t work for you, that’s okay! We have another group starting on the Tuesday following the long weekend and for many of you that might be the perfect time to start after your first long weekend at the cottage. The 30 Day Whole Body Detox program is a gift. It’s a gift for yourself and it’s a gift for your future self because by taking care of yourself today and being in your best health, you have a much better chance of staying healthier in the future.

Ready to join in? Order now. 

In honour of my last day, I am offering a special promotion for those who order between today and tomorrow, Thursday May 7th at 11 pm EST – your choice of a free box of Berry Nutty Bars or a free bag of Fibergy with a purchase of the foundation program. CA Berry Nutty BoxCA Fibergy Plus

30 Day Whole Body Detox 2015 – Day 28

Olinca Trejo Naturopath

Featured speaker, Olinca Trejo, Naturopath

Tomorrow is our live event here in Burlington. Such a difference from other years when we have launched our program with a live event at the end of March but due to scheduling challenges with two of our speakers, turns out tomorrow is the best day for it. And we are launching with our May 11th groups. This year I have personally coached 16 people through the program (so far) – and my goal was to coach 20! Who are my next four brave souls to join the next group program? We grew tremendously this year!! We now have 50+ coaches and most are coaching between 1 -4 clients themselves. That means that so far, we have over 200 people who will be completing this year’s program!

Over the next few days I will be sharing my personal results as well as some testimonials from those who have finished the program as well. If you have a great detox story and would like to be featured on the blog, please contact me: info (at) I’d love to share your story with our followers.

There may not be a post tomorrow depending on how late our event goes but I will be sharing photos and tips in the next blog post. Also, stay tuned! Our Kindle book launch for the 30 Day Whole Body Detox guidebook will be on Monday May 11th to coincide with the next group program start!!! You’ll want to be one of the first people get your hands on a Kindle version as there will be great prizes given away all day for those who purchase. It’s only $0.99 for launch price!!

30 Day Whole Body Detox 2015 – Day 27

30 Day Whole Body Detox 2015 – Day 27

Square Foot Garden

Square Foot Garden

It’s already Day 27 and wow, this month really flew by! I barely even noticed this past week go by!! We have been blessed with an early taste of summer here in Southern Ontario, the temperature was 25C today with bright sunshine all day long. We had a chance to build our Square Foot Garden for my daughter and I today.  Well my hubby built it and we planted our seeds together. She was super excited to do this and I truly hope that things actually grow.

Lack of planning meant no juice today and there will be no juice for breakfast but I think I will make a green juice snack for the afternoon cause I miss it. Another fun thing I really enjoy now is sparkling water with lemon. Not something I drank before but I do like carbonation so this is a great alternative to cider on a hot day. I was also out of this today!

New smoothie for today:

Blueberry & Cherry Blitz!

  • Frozen organic blueberries
  • Frozen dark sweet cherries
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • handful frozen kale
  • water
  • 1 scoop Fibergy
  • 2 scoops Nutrimeal Free

Blend at high speed. Enjoy in a glass with added USANA Probiotics and a dash of REV3 powder for taste!

lunch salad

Lunch Outside

As I have said before I will be continuing with the program in May as I am feeling so amazing and don’t want to go back to lacking in energy and motivation, that’s for sure! I still haven’t had any chocolate at all in 27 days.

Don’t forget to get your tickets for Tuesday May 5th 7 – 9 at the Burlington Golf and Country Club with Olinca Trejo, Naturopath, voted #1 Diamond award for Readers’ Choice in Burlington two years in a row.

And if you want to start with our May 11th group, make sure you order before Wed May 6th so that your products can arrive in time. Local orders will be picked up if needed on Thursday May 7th.

The Tree That Defines Spring

The Tree That Defines Spring

Day 26 – Somethings Are Worth Cheating For

green juice with tony

Green Juice With Tony

Another incredible day for me and my team here in Ontario. We enjoyed another fantastic day of personal development and growth with my mentor, Tony Daum, of Excellence Performance Coaching. Our juicing gurus brought him a very green juice to start the day! As Tony has diabetes, there are no root vegetables or fruit in this green juice, he says it tastes like a freshly cut lawn. Good for him. I am not even remotely ready for that!!

Today was my first real detox cheat. I am so proud of my husband as he is starting a new job only a few minutes from home and he is finally rid of his commute! Talk about a change in quality of life. In the Boyer family tradition, we shared a bottle of bubbly, this time from France. It was lovely! I enjoyed it slowly after dinner. I am truly grateful for my amazing husband and wonderful daughter. And although our lives are pretty amazing now, just wait, cause things are about to get even better than we ever thought possible!!

Julie and family

My family!

kiss with bubbly

Congratulations to my husband!