Coach’s Program NOW OPEN for 2017

Coach’s Program NOW OPEN for 2017

It’s finally here!! The coach’s program is now ready for 2017!!! We have upgraded the program this year you will be super excited to learn that we have automated much of the program for your and your clients. You can learn all about the coach’s program here.

For those who will be renewing in 2017, here’s just a few of the upgrades to the program:

  • All of the program files, including the recipe & guidebook PDF and the bonuses will now be on the web, no more DropBox needed. We do recommend that you download the files to your own computer however you can choose a different cloud service as well.
  • You will be able to register all of your paying clients in our special members only area! Clients will also receive a welcome email, and weekly support emails automatically once they are registered. Coaches also get a copy of these email upon registration (timing may not match with your program timing however).
  • NEW: Text message support for you and your clients. Clients who opt-in will receive a short 1-2 sentence program support message every other day during their program. Coaches can also receive these messages.
  • More licenses! Now when you register as a coach, you get 10 licenses (plus access to the full program for your own personal use). Once you’ve enrolled 10 clients, you can easily upgrade for another 10 licenses in 2017
  • New branding for the recipe book, website and FB, plus we now have an Instagram account. Use #30daywholebodydetox and we’ll feature your photos on our feed too! To purchase physical copies of the guidebook, please email info (at) or purchase at our live events!

We have two LIVE launch events this year as well, both featuring Dr. Arla Kasaj, Naturopathic Doctor. First, this coming Wednesday March 22nd in Waterloo:

And next week, we’ll be in Burlington on Wed. March 29th: