Detox Success Story! A Family’s Lifestyle Change

Detox Success Story! A Family’s Lifestyle Change

PhotoGrid_1461756584061One of our 2016 detox clients wanted to share her challenging yet very successful 30 Day Whole Body Detox program story with us. As she has chosen to be authentic and vulnerable with us, she has asked to remain anonymous. Here is her story:

At first I honestly thought that my coach asked the wrong person to join this detox because at the evening launch I saw more healthy, professional people; not struggling, overweight, unhealthy single moms. Now, I am glad that my coach asked me to join for so many reasons.  I had a real difficult month personally and I truly believe that had I not been doing this I would have handled things much differently and not in a positive, good way.  I still had tough moments but had much more clarity and faster bounce back than in the past.

For example, here’s what happened on Mother’s Day. My thought was that I was almost done the detox and for Mother’s Day I would have whatever I wanted, I deserved it.  I was thinking something yummy, and really over the top.  But then I stopped that thought, because that was my old way of thinking; that that kind of junk food was what made me happy, comforted and safe.  When in fact this month’s food did make me happy, confident and hopeful.  So I had a fantastic Mother’s Day and stayed on track.

My 13 year old son 13 weighed 220 pounds when we first started the program, and he only wanted junk food, fast food and would only eat white carbs at home.  He reluctantly came along for the ride when my other older two sons asked if they could also do it with me. I had told them that  I wouldn’t be keeping the junk food in the house because it was too tempting for me.

On Mothers’ Day after me stopping and picking him up Wendy’s (another old habit) for lunch he really didn’t want it and asked me straight out if we could keep eating the way we have been eating through the detox, even though the 30 days is almost up.  I asked him why, and his reply was that he has lost 15 pounds, his acne has cleared up and he feels good.  What surprised me most is that he has made a connection that I, an adult in my 40s had only just made.  What we eat affects everything we do and how we look and how we feel.

So here is a list of some highlights:

  • For the first time ever I have run out of veggies before the week ran out.
  • For the first time ever I am not going through my fridge on Saturday morning and throwing away a bunch of slimy, bad produce because I didn’t eat them.
  • I always thought that it cost more to eat healthy.  It does if you’re throwing it all away and still eating junk.  But I have seen that it’s just a shift in where I’m spending.  So where I used to spend money on fast food and junk that is now being put into healthy food.
  • When we first started it was new so old habits were still there.  But as we progressed I noticed that the boys and myself were eating less frequently.  Before with the junk food they would be in the kitchen every half hour getting something.  Now with the healthier food I see the satiety effects, which I never really saw before.  So again they are eating less so it really isn’t more expensive.
  • It does take more effort but the funny thing is that by eating healthy I have way more energy.  I can get the prep done and still have time to have fun with my kids.  Before I would always hear from them that I always said I was too tired to do anything with them.  Which was true.
  • This past week, I had a bad day and I ate two frozen mini pizzas, (old habit), and then I had what I call food coma sleep, one that I had not had all month.  It was a sluggish awful feeling that I did not like.  So after that the rest of the day I ate well and by the evening I even went for a walk. Far from my old habits!
  • Our family has signed up for David Suzuki’s 30×30 challenge, where you get out in nature for at least 30 minutes a day every day in May and do some physical activity.  We have done it every day, and are having fun!  Before we would eat dinner, watch TV, or they would play video games and then go to bed.

This is just a small look at how the detox has changed my family; but definitely not a small change in our lives.

This truly is a lifestyle change program disguised as a detox program. And the reason our clients repeat the program every year is because it’s challenge to stay on track for the other 11 months of the year. Most people stick with their new habits til the holiday season. The yearly detox allows people to get back on track and create even more new habits!

You can still join us this year! Our last big group start will be on Tuesday May 24th, following the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada. US friends, we recommend you start the Tuesday after Memorial Day. If you’re ready to join us, ORDER NOW. Want more info? Check out this YouTube video on the Top 15 Reasons to Join us for the Detox this year.

Top Three Reasons Why The 30 Day Whole Body Detox is a Success

Top Three Reasons Why The 30 Day Whole Body Detox is a Success

3 Reason for SuccessOver the last 5 weeks, we have had hundreds of people start (and most of them complete) the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program. This is the 5th edition of the program and I have been thinking about what makes this program different and why we have had so many success stories year after year. There are thousands of programs out there, why is this one different?

Gratitude Tip: Taking care of our bodies for 30 days is a beautiful way to show gratitude for our cells and all of the automated processes that are happening every single moment that we are alive. We often take so much for granted when it comes to digestion and detoxification, that a program like the 30 Day Whole Body Detox allows us to focus on healthy digestion and detox for a very short period of time, and usually leads to a change in habits which will then continue to serve us for a lifetime.

Here are the Top 3 Reasons why the 30 Day Whole Body Detox is a success:

First, it’s SIMPLE. Being a whole food program, with simple recipes and common ingredients (for the most part), it can fit into even the most hectic lifestyles. This program can be done if you’re eating outside of the house as well and even on special occasions, as long as you stick with the program guidelines. And after a few weeks, it becomes ever easier as you’ve adapted the way you cook and eat. Most clients don’t want to go ‘off’ the program after 30 days because they love this new way of eating.

Second, there is SUPPORT. One of the biggest things that most programs are lacking is proper support. When you purchase a ‘cleanse’ kit from the health food store, there is no one supporting you. If you buy a detox book and do the program yourself, there is no support. We see a lot of success in the detox program because of the support from our program coaches and the online support through our Facebook group. It’s a real community of real people who are sharing their struggles and their successes with each other, as well as recipe ideas.

Third, the SUPPLEMENTS. If you take away the USANA supplements that go with the program, it’s basically a ‘clean’ eating program. I purposely chose not to use the term ‘clean eating’ for this program as it implies that there are ‘dirty’ foods. The program teaches you how to nourish your body with healthy, whole foods and to avoid foods that don’t serve you or make you feel very good. The reason why the supplements are so important is that our cells need a lot of anti-oxidant, vitamin and mineral support beyond what is available from our food – even organic food. By removing the liver loaders (alcohol, caffeine and refined sugar) we are supporting our liver in the best possible way by adding in the Hepa Plus for example, which contains the anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins our liver desperately needs but isn’t getting from food alone.

Simple, Support and Supplements – Three reasons why this program is a success for most of our clients. The last large group detox will be starting on Tuesday May 24th, right after the long weekend in Canada. If you’d like to join us, you can ORDER NOW.

The kids having fun at Bodhi Bar

The kids having fun at Bodhi Bar

We are also very excited to have a new program contributor! You may have noticed a few weeks ago that we did a juicing meet-up at Bodhi Bar in downtown Burlington. I am pleased to announce that Naiomi Gardner, owner of the Bodhi Bar has contributed a recipe to our program, which will be included in this year’s PDF version. We are also working on some fun ideas for next year’s spring detox program, for those who might like the extra challenge of a 3 day juice cleanse before starting the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program.

Can You Really Lose Weight and Eat Real Food Without Counting? Yes, You Can.

Can You Really Lose Weight and Eat Real Food Without Counting? Yes, You Can.

Mar 5, 2016This is the 5th year that I have completed the 30 Day Whole Body Detox. And you can see from my photos that even though I had no intention or desire to lose any weight, I released 3 pounds. And I ate real food every day, without going hungry and without counting calories or points. You may look at these photos and think that I’m naturally thin and that losing weight comes easily to me. And you would be wrong.

Never assume you know someone else’s story. We know the saying, never judge a book by it’s cover, but do we live this way? We see photos or read about someone else’s success and often our default is to believe that it was easy for them or they have advantages that we don’t. In my experience, that’s not what I have seen. Everyone one who accomplished any goal, whether it be releasing weight or achieving a business milestone did so with hard work and a shift in mindset.

I felt that it was important to share my full story with you so that you might understand why I am so passionate about the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program.

In high school, I was overweight. Not in a serious way, but I had rolls on my stomach and never really felt comfortable in my body, as is the same with most teenage girls. I was blessed with very large breasts, which I found very uncomfortable and had a lot of trouble finding clothing that fit – buttons on blouses would pop open and I had to shop in specialty stores to find a bathing suit that fit. I wanted to wear bikinis like my friends, so I did, but I never felt comfortable or attractive. My self worth was attached to whether or not some guy was interest in me – and when you have large breasts, that attention comes easily. But it wasn’t healthy and I didn’t have a lot of respect for myself and my body. And even though I was an athlete (swimmer) all through high school, my body remained the same (please forgive the permed hair in the photo).

Yes, I struggled with my weightWhen I went to university, I studied Kinesiology and was surrounded by fit athletes. I was active but not on any varsity teams so I wasn’t very fit and again, still overweight. I still hadn’t accepted my body yet and struggled to fit in in a world of athletes and jocks – which I was neither. I found solace in music and choir (music was my minor). After graduation, I soon found myself working for New Balance Canada, yes the footwear and sporting goods company.  The blessing that came from that experience is that during this time I did actually learning how to run again (overcame knee issues that had plagued me since I was 12 – that’s another story) and I discovered and feel in love with triathlon. However, my large breasts were really uncomfortable when I ran, so in 2000 I had a breast reduction – best decision ever. The surgeon didn’t ask me to lose any weight before the surgery (which often is the case with a reduction) because he knew I was training as a competitive triathlete and was very fit, so my weight (even though I was overweight) was ok. The picture from 2000 is from my first honeymoon (yes, I’ve been married before) and when I found it in the album, there was a post-it note covering my stomach! I didn’t want anyone to see my rolls. I had forgotten how self-conscious I was.

Julie Boyer IronmanFast forward to 2006, when I had completed one Ironman triathlon and was training for my 2nd one in Switzerland. As you can see, I believe I may be the biggest I have ever been. Even though I was training anywhere from 1 to 6 hours a day. Again, I had accepted this as my size, since at this point I was 30 years old and had been pretty much the same since high school. When I share the photo from the race finish, it’s unrecognizable as me. What I didn’t realize is that in order for my shape to change, I really had to change what I was putting in my mouth and get rid of my serious carb and sugar cravings for good.

That’s the year I started in my USANA business and started to learn about low glycemic (GI) eating. In between Ironman 2006 and 2008,  I changed the way I was fueling my body (no portion control or counting calories) and released 20 pounds, dropped 2 sizes and felt absolutely amazing completing that 3rd Ironman triathlon. Along the way, I created different lifestyle change programs for my clients to help them to duplicate my success, based on the optimal health triad of Regular Exercise, Whole Food, Low GI Eating and Optimal Supplementation. And my clients had a lot of success. But my earlier programs did rely more on meal replacement shakes for 1 or 2 meals a day and I wanted to teach people how to eat real food and cook. And that’s when the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program was born.

The program was designed to help clients to get rid of carb and sugar cravings, all while eating real food and not having to worry about portion sizes or counting. By doing it as a gentle detox, and removing the liver loaders such as alcohol and caffeine, the results have been amazing. The first year I released 9 lb to my surprise, as I found out that I was intolerant to gluten and by removing it from my diet, my body naturally release weight. Every year since then, I would gain 2-3 lb over the holidays and then release 4-7 lb during the detox program. With the exception of this year, where I didn’t gain any weight over the holiday season, so when I started the program I had zero intention of releasing any weight. Yet somehow I did. Totally strange to me, except that what I have realized is that if you nourish your cells with optimal supplements, support your digestion with probiotics and fiber and take care of your liver with a liver support supplement, you body becomes more efficient as using the nutrition from your food and releasing what it doesn’t need.

A friend of mine posted that she feels that the only way possible to release weight would be to starve herself and work out til she throws up. And this breaks my heart, as it’s just not true – in fact doing either or both of those things would not release weight at all and would create a state of starvation in your body, which means that weight loss would be almost impossible. The 30 Day Whole Body Detox is truly a lifestyle program – you don’t have to stop eating this way after you’re done the 30 days – and most clients don’t. They may decide to reintroduce alcohol and caffeine, and perhaps they will choose to include some gluten or dairy in their diet, but many don’t. And we do this program together once a year, in the spring, as a tune up. We teach you new habits for life so that when you release weight, it’s gone and doesn’t come back. And since you’re cooking and eating real food, it’s easy to continue.

I thank you for taking the time to read the story behind my photos. And if my struggles have resonated with you at all, I do recommend you take a closer look at the detox program. And if you just want to talk about your personal situation, I’ll make time for a free consultation for you. Simply reply to this email or if you read this on social media, send me a message at I would love to be a part of your success story. If you’re ready to join us, please sign up here.

The Detox Program is About A Lifestyle Change

julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxWhen I first designed the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program 4 years ago with my two co-founders, my intention was to create a program that helped people to make lasting lifestyle changes. I had been creating different programs for years already and I was looking for a program that would really change lives, permanently. It had to be a program that included real food so that it would be sustainable for the long term. And it had to be simple enough that most people, whether they had any experience in the kitchen or not, could be successful. Four years and five editions later, we’ve created just that.

Gratitude Tip: The best way to be successful is to work with people who have different strengths then you do, and allow them to contribute what they do best. This program is a collaboration between more than 25 people, with different areas of expertise in nutrition and wellness. What I am most grateful for is that almost everyone I asked to contribute said yes. That’s not always going to be the case when you’re building a team or putting together a project. For every person that supports you and joins your team, make sure they know how much you appreciate their contribution and express your gratitude freely.

Back to the program, I also felt it was important to focus on creating new habits instead of weight loss, because when we focus our success on losing weight and we don’t achieve the number on the scale, it can be very difficult to feel successful – even though we may have completely changed our eating habits and given up caffeine & alcohol for a month! The program includes a pre and post detox checklist where you can record your starting weight and a few measurements, but that’s only the first few lines of a 2 page questionnaire. We do our best to measure what cannot be easily quantified, such as quality of sleep or mood.

30Daywholebodydetox 5th edition coverWhat I had also realized is that there are people who simply live like this every day. The 30 Day Whole Body Detox program doesn’t apply to them because it’s just how they live. And as I start Day 3 of the program for the 5th time, I’m starting to feel like one of those people. We have veteran detoxers who have been doing the program since the beginning – and guess what?  We’ve all changed our habits! Every year the program gets easier and easier to do because we’ve created a lifestyle change. I LOVE THIS!!!! It doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy food or have fun on special occasions, it’s simply that we make different choices and know how to get back on track very quickly now. And I want you to know that even if it’s your very FIRST year doing the program, you will create new habits that will support you until next spring, when you can become a veteran detoxer too.

Did I step on the scale two days ago? Yes, to record my weight for my questionnaire. Do I have any weight to lose? Nope. Am I excited about this? YES! This is the first year I haven’t eaten Easter chocolate and gained a few pounds in the months leading up to the detox. I am excited to just be doing the program to enjoy all of the new recipes and focus on trying new things for a month.

We have quite a large group starting on Monday! If you’d still to start on April 4th and you’re local to Burlington, ORDER NOW and your products will be picked up tomorrow (by me, for my local clients). If your products have to be shipped, not to worry, you can start on April 11 or 18th, groups are already forming for those two start dates. I offered a FREE printed copy to the first 10 clients of mine that enroll in the program, and I’ve got 4 left. This offer is valid for Canada only.

An Early Start This Year

Simple Vegetarian Chili from the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook

Simple Vegetarian Chili from the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook

Looks like a few of us will be starting early this year! Pat Birnie, veteran detoxer started over 2 weeks ago, all on her own. Myself (program founder) and Dr. Erica Mattia, Chiropractor and program designer, are starting tomorrow, on Tuesday March 29th, the same day as the live launch event here in Burlington.  I wasn’t planning on starting so soon but because I had already planned to make several of the recipes this week already, I decided to give it a go! I will have to make another trip to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients to make fresh juice however, as that wasn’t yet on my radar today.

Tonight, I’m printing out some of the bonuses from the program, including the pre and post detox program checklist. Even though I’m the founder, I still do the program as I were a client – and I commit to it to the same degree. This year will be my 5th year completing the program and let me tell you, it gets easier and easier every year! I made a decision to give up alcohol (with the exception of a few special events here and there) in August 2015, so that part of the program won’t be as hard. I do still enjoy REV3 powder in my morning shake, a small dose of caffeine from green tea, white tea and black tea. This product is actually allowed on the program for those who have a serious caffeine addiction but for me, it’s best if I cut it out altogether.

Hershey's Eggies #mynemesis

Hershey’s Eggies #mynemesis

My biggest challenge has always been SUGAR. I have a serious addiction to sugar. It only takes a few bars of chocolate (even the dark chocolate) to send me into a sugar craving frenzy! I shared how badly I was addicted to sugar 2 years ago before I did the detox program that year. It literally saved my life as I was slipping into a depression – and it was due to the sugar addiction. I’m sure that there is a link between those who have been diagnosed at one time or another with depression and sugar addiction, as there is a definite link. Even after having only a little bit of Easter chocolate, I am already feeling it affect my mood and energy – hence my desire to start the detox as soon as possible.

Much like Diet Coke, which I was addicted to for years, I cannot even handle a taste. Sugar is very dangerous for me, and I know that when I choose to eat it (because now I can make the choice), I tend to quickly crave it again. And I use my lifestyle strategies including the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, to quickly break the cycle. Perhaps after this year’s program I’ll be able to resist sugar for even longer. I find that after the program, my sugar cravings are gone and my desire for chocolate is diminished. I am very proud of myself for having resisted eating Eggies this year. These candy coated chocolate eggs have been my nemesis for YEARS. I knew that having just one would set me off. It was VERY hard to resist temptation, but I stayed strong and Easter is over so they will be gone for another 10 months or so, thankfully.

These are my reasons for doing the detox program every year. What about you? Are you a veteran of the program? How many times have you done the program? What are your program goals this year? Share with us in the comments.

5th edition detox launchLooking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow night at the LIVE launch!! Can’t make it on site? We’ve got you covered with a LIVE STREAM ticket, so that you can watch the event from home!! for tickets and event details.


The 5th Edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox is LIVE!

New cover for the Recipe & Guidebook

New cover for the Recipe & Guidebook

We are LIVE with the 5th edition of the program! The coaching program is now open for enrollment and if you were a coach for the 4th edition, you can simply renew and receive the entire updated program for only $9.99.

The program has grown again! Here is what’s new in the 5th edition:

  • 20 New Recipes
  • 2 New Chapters: Soups & BBQ
  • Year round detox tips – How to successfully complete the program in the Spring, Summer & Fall
  • Where’s the beef? – Adding a little bit of red meat to your detox program, with our specific guidelines
  • Coach’s Program & Renewal – Previous coaches can renew for only $9.99
  • French program – Détox complète de 30 jours, launching the first week of April 2016.
  • Exclusive DropBox access (for coaches) making it easier to share and save all of the program files
  • 25 contributors!
  • Over 80 recipes!

5th edition detox launch

Ready to join us? First group start is April 4th. Returning clients, please contact your coach to see how you can SAVE 10%. New clients? Please ORDER NOW to make sure your products arrive in time.

Please join us for our LIVE launch event on Tuesday March 29th in Burlington, ON, featuring our favorite key note speaker, Dr. Olinca Trejo, Naturopathic Doctor. Tickets are FREE for clients or potential clients, $15 for coaches or potential coaches.

For more information about becoming a program coach, please check out this webinar from March 14th, 2016 that includes an overview of the program, how to become a coach and all of the benefits of becoming a coach.

The First Signs of Spring, It’s Almost Time for Detox!

Ready for Detox, 30 day whole body detox. grateful entrepreneur, julie boyerThis morning I woke up to the sound of rain falling on the windows. It’s a grey, late winter day and I’m thankful for rain rather than snow. My family in BC would probably prefer a break from the rain with a bit of snow! Our winter has been rather mild and it seems like spring is just around the corner, with temperatures above 10°C this week and all of the snow has melted. And one of our detox veterans, Pat Birnie, has already started her yearly 30 Day Whole Body Detox – 3 weeks before the ‘early bird’ group. It’s quickly approaching my 2nd favorite time of the year – Detox time!

Gratitude Tip: Spring is a beautiful time of renewal. It is the best time of year for a gentle detox program. Our 30 Day Whole Body Detox is a healthy, whole food detox program that nourishes your body at a cellular level. Taking 30 days to pay attention to your body, to nourish your cells and give your liver a break is a wonderful way to release the toxins that may have accumulated of the winter and to look and feel your best going into the summer season. The program is about doing something for YOU. This holistic program is all about giving your self and your cells some love.

Before I created this program, I had never done any kind of detox program before, as I thought that a ‘detox’ program had to be very restrictive and involved ways of eating that could not be maintained for more that a few days or weeks. I wasn’t interested in any quick fix program, just to go back to my old habits afterwards. I was looking to create a program that could lead to lifestyle changes, not only for me, but for my clients as well.

What is detoxification? From the Medical Dictionary onlineDetoxification is one of the more widely used treatments and concepts in alternative medicine. It is based on the principle that illnesses can be caused by the accumulation of toxic substances (toxins) in the body. Eliminating existing toxins and avoiding new toxins are essential parts of the healing process. Detoxification utilizes a variety of tests and techniques. The rest of this dictionary entry is well written and explains may of the same principles that we built our program on, including the use of supplements to support the detoxification process.

30 day whole body detoxThe 5th edition of the program will be launching on Monday March 14th, and existing program coaches will be able to renew and receive the new program for only $9.99! New program coaches can enroll for only $49.95 to receive the entire program and license to share with up to 9 clients. All of the details can be found here. Registration will be open Monday. I will be doing a LIVE call for new and existing coaches on Monday March 14th at 8:30 pm EST, please join me here: for an update on the new program, key dates for 2016 and why now is the time to join our program.

Live Launch! julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxFor those who are interested in completing the program as a clients, either as a new client or program veteran, the first group start will be on April 4th. To enroll online (new clients only), please visit our online enrollment form. We will be doing a LIVE program launch on Tuesday March 29th here in Burlington, Ontario, featuring our favorite keynote speaker (and one of the program co-founders), Dr. Olinca Trejo, Naturopathic Doctor. Olinca has been speaking at our live events for the past four years and she always has amazing information to share with us. This event always sells out, please register ahead of time to secure your spots. Clients and potential clients are FREE, coaches tickets are $10 until March 15th (early bird).

And lastly, this year we are once again printing copies of the guidebooks! Expanded by 40 pages over the last printed edition, copies will be available very soon! Please contact to purchase yours as quantities are limited. As the program will not be revised in 2017, the guidebooks can be used for this year and next year’s program.

Are You Ready for a Spring Detox?

Are You Ready for a Spring Detox?

30DayWholeBodyDetox2016As I look outside and see the snow falling, it seems like spring is a long way from today. Yet it’s less than a month til the first day of spring! Every year at this time, we are hard at work on updating the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program – this year is no exception. The 5th edition is coming together really well and will be our best and biggest program to date. This program is a healthy, whole food detox program that will nourish your body at the cellular level.

Gratitude Tip: Why do a spring detox program? First, it’s all about giving your cells some love and nourishment. Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and they are constantly being renewed on a daily basis. Taking 30 days of our 365 to nourish and feed our cells with healthy, whole foods and optimal supplementation is a real gift to our bodies. And what usually happens after the program is that our habits are changed for the better and we continue to feel the healthy effects of the program for months after. 

In early 2012, I found myself driving Dr. Libby Weaver, internationally acclaimed nutritional biochemist, to a luncheon with some of my teammates. If you’ve ever met Dr. Libby, you know that a conversation about your digestion will be certain to come up. I mentioned that yes, I did have some bowel issues and stomach pain after meals. Dr. Libby recommended that I try and see how I would feel when I removed gluten from my diet for a month. I nodded and smiled and agreed that would be a good idea.
However, initially I didn’t really agree. Being a lifelong vegetarian and former triathlete, I didn’t really think I could live without gluten. In 2012, gluten-free was not the buzz word that it is today. Gluten-free meant eliminating all grain products, breads, crackers and of course desserts and baking.
I had already been in the nutrition and wellness business for six years, and had created many different programs over the years. The first time I ran a new program, I would do it with my clients to experience it myself. When the idea of a 30 gluten-free program was planted by Dr. Libby, I decided to go ahead and create the program, and invited my clients along. I knew that I would some need help putting the program together, so I asked Dr. Olinca Trejo, Naturopathic Doctor and Laura Townsend, Registered Holistic Nutritionist to work with me on that first program.
About two dozen people joined me that first year. The next year it grew to a hundred. And in 2015, the 4th edition of the program, over 300 people enrolled in the detox. We added a coach’s program that allowed for more wellness specialists to lead their clients through the program. The majority of clients completed the program in the spring, and with the launch of a Summer Supplement and a Fall Supplement, the program was now able to be completed year round. The 4th edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook was launched on Amazon and become a global bestseller in June 2015.

What’s next for this program? The 5th edition is now a year-round program, with the emphasis on completing the program every spring. And we are collaborating with more and more experts and contributors across Canada. The program will also be available in French at the Détox complète de 30 jours – pre-sale pricing is only $39.95 which contributes directly to the cost of the translation project.

Live Launch! julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxJoin us LIVE here in Burlington Ontario  on Tuesday March 29th for the annual spring nutrition seminar and launch of the 5th Edition of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, featuring keynote speaker, Dr. Olinca Trejo, ND. Tickets are FREE for all program clients or those who are simply interested in coming out to learn more from our amazing speakers. Please RESERVE your tickets ahead of time however as the event always sells out.

Day 28 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge! I’ll be doing another random draw this weekend, so make sure you keep tagging your posts with our hashtag #40daysofgratitude to be entered to win.

Detox for the New Year?

It’s that time of year again and many of us are creating our goals for 2016. I’m more apt to create goals rather than resolutions, as resolutions don’t last much longer than the middle of January. What are your health goals for next year?

We have a few options to help you get back on track or create a whole new lifestyle plan, whichever is most relevant for you.

Traditional 5 Day RESET Jumpstart

Traditional 5 Day RESET Jumpstart

My personal goal? Kick sugar to the curb (yes, again!). I am not good at having just a little bit of sugar, so when I ate most of a Terry’s Dark Chocolate Orange in early December, I knew I would be battling my cravings this month. A week of vacation in Florida, where the treats are cheap, didn’t help much. Besides the sugar, the rest of my diet is in tune with the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, so I won’t be doing this program again until the spring, as I always partake in the yearly program with my clients. I’ll be starting the 5 Day RESET Jumpstart program on Monday Jan 4th. The traditional program is a 5 day program that comes in a box, and includes all of your meal replacements for 3 meals a day plus 2 protein snacks and your USANA HealthPak of vitamins (my favorite!). However, this program contains dairy, so I do a modified program with the Nutrimeal Free (included in the detox) and the Berry Nutty bars (optional item for the detox). Pricing depends on whether or not you want the dairy free version. The results? Kicking the sugar and carb cravings to the curb and for many people, a 4-5 lb weight loss in 5 days.

Nutrimeal Free, vegan & gluten-free

Nutrimeal Free, vegan & gluten-free

Ready to take a on a longer challenge? The good news is that there a group of people who are planning to do the full 30 Day Whole Body Detox this month. Winter is a more challenging time to do this program, however with the support of a program coach, you will be able to stick to the program and find your own success. Use the recipes from the Fall Supplement (included with your program purchase) and visit Oh She Glows for more inspiration – her recipes are vegan and gluten-free, so they are in line with the program for the most part. She recently posted this Hot Detox Tonic which I will be trying tomorrow morning. Most paleo recipes are also in line with the detox as well.

Berry Nutty Bars - vegan & gluten-free

Berry Nutty Bars – vegan & gluten-free

Finally, if the detox program is not a challenge you’re ready to undertake for the winter, we have another 30 day program called the 30 Day Transformation Challenge. This program focuses on 2 meal replacements a day, with 2 healthy snacks and one low glycemic meal, usually dinner. It also comes with a guidebook and grocery list as well and the pricing is similar to the detox. You can choose to be dairy-free and gluten-free on this program as well.

Which program will serve you best? To order the 5 Day RESET program, simply visit and click on Products I Love – you’ll see it at the top. Don’t forget to order a Blender Bottle to go with it! The 30 Day Whole Body Detox can be ordered from this site, and you can indicate who referred you and they will take care of you.  And finally, details about the 30 Day Transformation can be found here.

Sexy Summer Sun-Kissed Skin

Sexy Summer Sun-Kissed Skin

julie boyer, 30 day whole body detoxThe safest way to get sun-kissed skin is through a sunless tanner, but if you’re like me and spending a lot of time outside this summer, a natural glow is almost unavoidable. My daughter loves to spend hours in the pool so I am getting a dark tan for the first time in a very very long time – and yes, I use sunscreen daily. Here are my tips for keeping your skin healthy this summer:

alba sunscreen1. Use a natural sunscreen. I apply it before leaving the house in the morning and again before going to the pool. It’s important to apply it at least 30 min before going into the water so it can be absorbed. Mineral suncreens provide a great sun block, however I find them very streaky and not that pleasant to apply. My choice is Alba Botanica Sunscreen for Kids, SPF 40. Works for both my daughter and I. Neither of us have had a sunburn when using it even after 2 hours in the pool.


2. Protect your face. My favorite skin care line is Sensé Beautiful Science and I use the *Daytime Protective Emulsion with SPF 15 for my face. I apply in the morning and will reapply when I am going to the pool. It works really well and feels amazing on your skin.Sense Daytime Protective Emulsion_CA

3. Wear a hat and sunglasses. A wide-brimmed hat provides extra protection for your ears and face, I wear a hat in the pool. Sunglasses are essential for eye protection as water reflects even more of the sun’s ray on to your face and eyes. I have given up on getting my daughter to wear hers in the pool now that she is swimming. I reapply her sunscreen during our swim breaks to help.

4. Rinse off immediately if possible after swimming in a pool or hot tub with chlorine. Your skin will be much drier if you leave the pool chemicals on too long.

Sense Firming Body Nourisher_CA5. After you shower, use my secret weapon: *Firming Body Nourisher. I LOVE this stuff. It smells lovely (mild citrus) and goes on nicely, not too thick or thin. I have been using this for 9 years and it’s a product I cannot do without. Great for keeping your skin moisturized and avoids the flaking tan.

6. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water, especially when you are swimming. You may not notice that you are thirsty when you’re in the water and but you can get very dehydrated from the water and the sun.



Proflavanol C100_CA7. Take extra care of your skin from the inside out with *Proflavanol C100 – a combo of grapeseed extract and vitamin C that is a ‘facelift in a bottle’ according to Dr. Libby Weaver. It helps to plump up the collagen in our skin, especially on our faces.

8. Shade is your friend. Take breaks in the shade when possible.

Find Alba Suncreen at your local grocery store in the organic section.

*To order the Daytime Protection, Firming Body Nourisher or Proflavanol C100, please visit