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30DayWholeBodyDetox2016Welcome to the 30 Day Whole Body Detox! This year mark the 5th annual program, originally created as the 28 Day Total Body Detox back in 2012. Check out this year’s blog which will be written by guest blogger and 4 time program coach & client, Sara Martel.

Founded by Julie Boyer, she was inspired by the amazing Dr. Libby Weaver to try a gluten-free lifestyle for a month and decided that if she was going to give up gluten, she’d make sure she wasn’t doing it alone!  Working with Olinca Trejo, Naturopath and Laura Townsend, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, the first program was launched in April 2012 with a 12 page guidebook & recipe book that was created as a pdf. Julie blogged about her experiences daily, starting with Day 1 of 28. The first time Julie completed the program, she (unexpectedly) lost 9 lb in a month! You can read her testimonial (and others) here.


For the second year, the program grew as more and more people were interested in not only doing a healthy detox program but  also really wanted to create some lifestyle changes. We did a live event to educate about the benefits of a healthy detox and how to prepare for the program. The event was recorded at the videos can be found on YouTube. The event was a sell out and we had to turn people away due to fire code regulations! We printed recipe & guidebooks for clients to follow while doing the program. The guidebook included 48 full colour pages and over 24 recipes from various contributors in health & wellness.


The program grew and evolved over the first two years and in 2014 we re-launched the program as the 30 Day Whole Body Detox! Working again with Olinca Trejo, ND, we added more experts to our team, including Linda Heredia, Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Dr. Erica Mattia, Chiropractor and nutritional coach.


This year’s guidebook features twelve fifteen different contributors and over 30  45 recipes!! Favorites from last year were kept of course! This year we have helped you know which recipes are best of you with our labeling:

  • GRF – grain-free (or with a grain-free option)
  • SF – soy-free (or with a soy-free option)
  • PF – peanut-free – note that many recipes contain other nuts and seeds so please read the labels.
  • VEG – vegetarian (contains eggs)
  • VN – vegan (contains no animal products)
  • NEW – recipe is new for 2015

The recipe & guidebook is now 60 84 pages, full colour! And we’ve added two new sections: *Juices & Salads. Plus we now have an Ultimate Detox Program available for order as well!

We are so excited to see this program grow every single year and to be changing hundreds of lives at the same time. Whether you join us at the live event or do the program remotely, we’re so glad you’ve decided to join us. Click here to find out how the program works.

**juicer not required for the program. Juicing is optional or can be done with a blender and a cheesecloth.


Once again the program and guidebook has grown! Over 300 people completed the program in 2015 (and early 2016), with almost 100 coaches enrolling in 2015. The 5th edition will be the best and biggest yet!

What’s new is 2016:

  • Expanded guidebook with even more recipes and new contributors
  • French translation (currently available for pre-sale)
  • Printed version of the guidebook
  • Expanded coach’s program
  • New section for soups
  • Year-round guidance for the program


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