How We Look at Ourselves is Reflected By Our Daughters

It took courage for Cherlynn to share her before and after photos from this year’s detox program. She shared her journey on the blog as she was part of the way through. Her results after 30 days? Simply amazing. Congratulations Cherlynn!

Cherlynn's Success!

Cherlynn’s Success!

‘So I have been harbouring my before and after pics from my 30 Day Whole Body Detox. First, I felt insecure of my body and second I thought it wasn’t enough of a significant change. Today I put them side by side and saw that I’ve come such a long way in 30 Days. Even more so in the last few months. Eliminating certain things from my diet really has shown me an optimal way of living. I’m trying to embrace my body and not focus in on my negative points and show myself some love. I have a little girl looking up to me who I want to learn self love and embrace her body. So here it is! I’m down 8 lbs and I definitely have more energy and I’m trying my best to keep up the healthy eating. The biggest change I’ve noticed after completing the detox was that my tummy would hurt after eating too much foods that included gluten. I immediately felt bloated and uncomfortable. I also noticed that my skin is clearer but the biggest culprit is sugar so I’m still limiting the amount of sugar I intake including if I have a coffee or tea. Thank Julie Boyer and Sara Martelfor encouraging me to post these pics! You two are a huge inspiration to me! Xoxo’

Busy Mom’s 30 Day Journey

Vicky approached me about doing the 30 Day Whole Body Detox with some of her friends in May. An athlete, mom and entrepreneur, Vicky has her hands full already. How would she be able to fit the detox program into her life? She shares her story with us:

Lighter and Happier!

Lighter and Happier!

‘I am a busy mom of 2 boys, athlete, entrepreneur and speaker. For over a year, I tried my best to eat Paleo. For the ones who don’t know – it’s the cavemen way of eating: Meat, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds. NO dairy, grains, legumes, starch, process foods, etc. I feel really good when I’m committed but the challenge is that it’s been a roller coaster – due to some lack of motivation, energy or time. Then I fall off the band wagon and well, you all know what happens…you have to start all over again! I’m French which means I LOVE dairy, bread, coffee and wine!!

I told Julie I wanted to write a testimonial for the detox she created because I have tried so many diets, cleans, detoxes, etc. and this is the first one that fits easily into my lifestyle and I could stick to for 30 days!!  Why you may ask? Well, for me, being able to have gluten free or soy products and legumes once in a while was a treat!! It made it so easy to incorporate into a family meal plan too! So for example, Friday nights, I made gluten and dairy free little pizzas for the whole family and everybody loved it!! I never even thought of that option before…

Over and above the fact that it was easy to incorporate in the busy family lifestyle, I felt amazing! I was surprised how energetic I felt after few days without coffee. I woke up feeling vibrant. I had my probiotics, hot lemon water and a green smoothie later on. I stopped being bloated, heavy and tired.  I got though the afternoon without the typical crash!

To be honest it became such a normal part of my routine, I forgot when the 30 days ended! I had a few glasses of wines and a couple lattes over the Victoria Day long weekend and it really slashed my energy. I love my wine and my coffee, don’t get me wrong, but I will try my best to reduce my consumption to a minimum! Just knowing how amazing I can feel is enough motivation to keep going!
Thanks Julie!’

Great story Vicky! Our program is simple enough that even a busy mom can make it work with her family. You’re eating real food, supporting your body with amazing supplements and learning new lifestyle habits

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

Looking at Sonya, you wouldn’t think that she was unhealthy, that’s for sure. An avid athlete who prepares home cooked meals daily, she always looks fit. Sonya joined the 30 Day Whole Body Detox this year without any expectations of major changes in her life. Turns out, that’s exactly what she got! Sonya shares her story in her own words.

Life before the detox

“Before starting the detox, I thought I was doing well with my “diet” – eating well, making smart choices in the meals I was preparing, indulging on a couple of cravings with moderation, trying to put aside time each day for meditation/gratitude. I knew I was feeling a tiny bit sluggish, tired and frumpy at times, but I passed it off to a long, unforgiving winter, in which I hadn’t really done a lot of exercising and endured a bit of increasing stress. There are also a pair of jeans that I own, which I absolutely love and I noticed by the middle of the winter, they became a little too snug for me to wear comfortably and I was determined to fit back in to my favorite jeans again before the warm weather got here.

Sonya's before and after

Sonya’s before and after

Choosing the Detox

The detox was something I knew I ​both​ needed and wanted to do, not to mention after seeing the recipes in the guide book……YUM!! So, I decided to start the 30 Da​y Whole Body​​ Detox the day after ​Easter weekend, which also happen to be the same week that we were packing and moving! Even with everything that was going on in the first week, this program was so simple and easy to follow, that I was able to stay on track​. During the first few days, I surprisingly did not experience any caffeine withdrawal headaches, although I did have a few cravings for the salty crunch of my regular crackers that I snack on. By week 2, I wasn’t even thinking about what I wasn’t having anymore (including my weekend glass or two of wine!). I started to notice that my body was starting to feel more……regular, I was sleeping better, my energy was more constant and I had the clear mind to be able to find some ‘me time’ to relax, breathe and just be me!

It’s not about the scale

I stepped on the scale only after the first week, but not again until I was done my 30 days. It wasn’t so much the number that stared back at me, but the simple fact that I felt so much better about how I felt, inside and out. I no longer felt the ‘bloat’ or ‘stuffed’ feeling after any meal, I never felt like I was missing out on anything or depriving myself from something I wanted to eat. But I also felt so much more comfortable in my clothes – including that favorite pair of jeans!! I admit, I did a little happy dance when I put them on and they fit perfectly! By the end of this amazing journey, I realized that not only did I detox my body, but in a way, my cluttered life a bit as well! I have every intention of continuing with this lifestyle change – as the saying goes, ‘If it’s not broken, why fix it?’

Congratulations to Sonya and her success! More and more of you are seeing massive success with the program this year – stay tuned as we share even more detox successes over the next week. We have another group starting next week – this allows you to finish in time for the Canada Day or July 4th weekend. Who’s in?


The Detox Program Literally Changed My Life!

Sara’s story is very powerful and I am so excited to be sharing it with all of you. This is the 3rd year that Sara has done the program, but this year she made a commitment to 100% stick to the program, no cheats! It turns out to be a very powerful experience that has changed her life! Not only has her physical body changed but she radiates an amazing, beautiful energy from within that truly lights up a room when she entered. One might even say she’s got her mojo back!! Here is her story, in her own words.


Sara's Detox Success

Sara’s Detox Success

“These last thirty days have proven to me again that achieving optimal health is not a destination but a journey. Who would have known that doing a 30 day detox would be life changing, even if in the smallest of ways. I learned that I could live without my morning cup of coffee that had turned into two and three cups daily. Turn out I didn’t need to the coffee to keep me awake but instead it is eating healthy whole foods daily and drinking lots of water that does the trick.

I learned that I love to prepare new recipes and create healthy meals daily. I never thought I would crave vegetables and fruits the way I do now. And my daily cooking brought our family closer than ever before. Less time eating out and more time around the table made a huge difference. I don’t miss dairy and my desire for bread is gone….like totally gone !!! This is FREEDOM !!

It’s been four days since the end of the program and I have not returned to dairy or gluten and why would I? I don’t own a scale and so I weighed myself only twice during the 30 days and I am down 20 pounds and have lost two inches off my middle ! My energy is fantastic ! The most amazing lesson of all during the 30 Day Whole Body Detox was just how easy it was. I ate good tasting whole foods and took my recommended supplements, moved every day and before I knew it I was done. I wish this for anyone who does this program! Thanks Julie Boyer for creating this simple to follow system. My body is happy!!”

This program can be started at any time and can fit into the busiest of lifestyles. If you knew what Sara had going on behind the scenes, you’d be wondering how she had time to make it work. Thankfully. she did. Will your success story be next?


Discovery of a Gluten-Intolerance

Here is Shirley Hoppner’s story, she was hesitant to try the program but after plateauing with her current plan, she was ready to try something new. Shirley lost a total of 8 lb, but that’s not the most significant result – read her story to find out how the 30 Day Whole Body Detox has changed her life.

“I had questioned what was going on with my body, but was never brave enough to do a gluten, or dairy elimination, to try and prove it, till I heard about this plan.

My 30 days has come to an end, I was not sure if I could do this or not! Once I got into it, and realized how much better I felt for it, there was no turning back. Within the first few days, I realized a few things:

  • I had more energy
  • My sinuses and head started to decongest
  • My joint and muscle pain improved
  • The belly bloat went away

And the biggest change was I could make a fist, and it did not hurt, the swelling in my hands went away. I did not realize they were as bad as they were, till it changed…my hands look so thin now! My rings spin on my fingers, and one I had to quit wearing as it was my Grandmother’s wedding set , I was afraid of losing it.

I allowed myself a cheat at Easter, and had gluten, which made me feel as though I must have a gluten sensitivity! I had a horrible stomach ache, awful gas, and bloating, fingers swollen for several days. I decided to experiment on myself so on one other day, I cheated, and had gluten and dairy and sadly the results were the same!

This past weekend even though I had an opportunity to eat gluten free, there was 1 cheat I thought I would try, just as a 3rd proof of problems. It’s not going to happen again…. I am going GLUTEN-FREE.

I will also try to eat less red meat, and dairy, and more greens, and healthy foods, as I did feel much better on the 30 Day Whole Body Detox!”

We love creating lifestyle changes for people!! This program can be continued after the 30 days without any negative side effects – except possibly more energy, mental clarity and maintenance of a healthy weight. And yes, you can still start now! We’ve got another late group starting right after the long weekend in May. Please message me or the person who introduced you to the program to join us!


Detox Love – Cher’s Story

Here is Cherlynn’s story, she’s been a part of this program since the beginning and it’s her 3rd year doing it but this year, like so many of us, the program has had a much bigger impact than before.


Simple, tasty soup

Day 20/30 Day Whole Body Detox! A few things to note since beginning this incredible journey.

1) My skin is clearer than ever, seriously I haven’t had a breakout in 2 weeks! Since having my son last year it was like all the built up hormones were coming out daily on my skin!

2) No More Bloating feeling! I gotta say, I never really noticed how bloated I was until I wasn’t. I’m a skinny jean girl so any sort of bloating really is noticeable but I haven’t been bloated since I’ve started this program.

3) A bank teller actually asked me if I had just came from the salon today because she thought my hair looked amazing! I thought about it after, my hair feels softer, it’s more manageable and it holds curls again, I haven’t worn my her curly in years because it would just fall flat but I have some extra bounce in my step these days.

4) I’m having fun with recipes! I’m getting creative and I don’t feel like I need to over compensate for not being able to have certain ingredients.

5) I’m trying new things! I’ve started yoga classes which I am loving and I started jogging again! I have all this extra energy.

6) I’m feeling more at peace and less frazzled. Aside from my daughter coming down with scarlet fever this week, I find myself feeling positive and having less emotional breakdowns during my hectic mom/work life.

7) I actually think this is something I am going to stick to even after the 30 Days! I just live the way I feel and I really don’t want to go back to the old me!

All in all this has been an amazing journey for me thus far and I still have 10 days to go! I can’t wait to share my final results with you all!

Xo Cher

Below is a fun recipe I created the other day for lunch using what I had in my house.  You can experiment with different ingredients too! It was a cold wet day so I was feeling a soup for comfort food.


After the 30 Day Whole Body Detox

Vegan gluten-free alfredo

Vegan gluten-free alfredo

Congratulations! You’ve completed the 30 Day Whole Body Detox! Now what? You may find that you don’t actually want to go back to the way things were before, and that’s great. Many people decide not to reintroduce gluten or dairy into their diet after they are finished, as they are feeling so wonderful. If you do decide to reintroduce these, take it slowly and introduce them one at a time to see how you feel after eating those foods. You may quickly realize that you feel much better when you don’t eat them.

We’ve also seen many people decide to give up caffeine for good. There are definitely some studies that show the benefits from the anti-oxidants of coffee, so a cup a day isn’t a terrible habit, but if you can function without it, why not? I’ve seen clients who just started with one in the morning slowly creep their way up to 2-3 cups a day without even realizing it. I have personally made a decision to steer clear of caffeine on a daily basis even though my only source was tasty and healthy Rev3 from USANA. I don’t need it, so why include it.

Dreamsicle cupcake

Dreamsicle cupcake

First post detox dinner? A comfort favorite from Kelly Childs, owner of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe and Lettuce Love Café. Vegan gluten-free fettuccine alfredo that the whole family can enjoy. A great healthy alternative to the regular gluten and dairy version. I also visited Kelly’s Bake Shoppe for my favorite cupcake EVER – the Dreamsicle. I highly recommend it. Only on Fridays. See you next week!

Our first program testimonial comes from Melissa, mom of a three year old, who is almost done the program for the first time:

melgoodwinI have found after 27 days I am sleeping better, digestion has improved, weight loss of 4 pounds, reduced my cravings for sugar and carbs, and have increased energy! Amazing program!!!

Congratulations Melissa!

Red Diamond, 2010

Red Diamond, 2010

One last note, if you choose to have a few drinks after you’ve finished the detox, please drink slowly and have a glass of water in between drinks. You will be a lightweight for a few weeks!

30 Day Whole Body Detox 2014 – Day 29

In love with green juice!

In love with green juice!

This year’s 30 Day Whole Body Detox  has had the most impact for me personally, and I’m the program founder! And the first year is when I found out I have a gluten intolerance, so I am very pleased to have had some serious life changing moments this time around.

Did I reach my goals this month? Not all of them. Due to my toe injury, I wasn’t able to exercise much at all. That will change in May. My sugar and chocolate addiction is gone. And my bedtime and evening routine has changed for the better.

Results from my 2014 Whole Body Detox:

  • After a massive sugar detox, feel amazing and back to my energetic and passionate self.
  • No caffeine (not even REV3) for 30 days. I function well without it, so I won’t be adding it back into my lifestyle.
  • No alcohol for 30 days, no cheating this year (I had 1 glass in years prior). My choices for alcohol will be different; I will stick to wine (organic varieties are of interest) and stay away from coolers. My hubby has decided to change his beer to a local micro-brewery, Nickel Brook, to avoid all of the additives found in the major label beers.
  • First time making a green juice (using a Vitamix). I loved it! I will continue to make these regularly.
  • Tried many new foods this month including collard greens, fennel, black kale and gluten-free oats. Found several new recipes from the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook that will be staying in our weekly rotation. À
  • A total of 8 lbs gone. An unexpected side effect. I had gained about 5 lbs over the winter (ugh!) and easily lost it and more in 30 days.


Collard Tacos, yum!

Collard Tacos, yum!

And the beautiful part of this is that there are so many others who are having great success on the program too! I will be sharing their stories over the next week or so. Congratulations to all of you! If you’re still not sure about whether to get started or not, we have one more webinar for you on Thursday May 1st at 9 pm EST, featuring myself, Dr. Erica Mattia, Chiropractor and Linda Heredia, Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Please connect with us to get your exclusive link for the event!

30 Day Whole Body Detox 2014 – Day 28

Green Smoothies for Two

Green Smoothies for Two

Funny how a day that started so poorly can end so well! Today was a bit of a rough day to start, to say the least. Getting my second dose of IV antibiotics turned out to be a lot more difficult than anticipated (too many cooks, too many government agencies involved) so most of my day ended up being quite stressful. Not the usual situation for me at all.

Superfood Bars

Superfood Bars

After it was all sorted out, I decided to come home and make a healthy treat from the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Guidebook. Did you know that dark chocolate is the solution to any problem? True story! Thanks to Tanya Fraser for her Superfood bars, they always come in handy and taste amazing AND full of goodness. Let’s just say that my family and I love them.

Cupcakes Save The Day!

Cupcakes Save The Day!

And to make things even better – my hubby surprised me with a pink box from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe!! It’s not often that he surprises me, so this was extra special.

Mushroom & Rice Bowl

Mushroom & Rice Bowl

Dinner was one of my own recipes from the book, Mushroom and Rice Bowl. I used a different technique today, inspired by the movie Julie & Julia (Julie Child that is). She mentions that it’s important “not to crowd the mushrooms” or they won’t brown. First I sautéed the onions and then moved them to another saucepan to keep them warm. I added half of the mushroom to the pan, and browned them. Moved them to the saucepan, and browned the rest. Then I added everything back into the frying pan and added the thyme, salt & pepper. It turned out amazing. Probably the best I’ve ever made.

Twenty-eight days and no alcohol – not even one glass! This is the first year I haven’t cheated with wine. Friday night I will be celebrating, and yes, enjoying a glass (or two) of wine.

Still not sure if you’re ready to do the program? Join us on Thursday May 1st at 9 pm EST for another great webinar with myself, Dr. Erica Mattia and Linda Heredia, two of our program contributors for 2014. Please message me for your personal invitation and code!