30 Day Whole Body Detox – Day 24

It’s hard to believe that I am already in my last week of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox ! It has sped by even more quickly than other years. Perhaps it’s because I have become more familiar with the program and have learned to navigate the ins and outs of the detox. Or maybe it’s because I have learned to LET GO.

Human beings have an un-satiated desire to control. This might go back to our survival instinct. Most of us have one or many areas in our lives where we believe we need to hold on tight to ideas or beliefs in order to survive. In my case it has come in the form of striving for perfection. The all or nothing mindset that can trip me up if I make even one mistake. Does this sound familiar ?

In the case of this 30 day program, I would have set a goal in the past to “be perfect ” throughout the 30 day program. If I did veer off I would adapt the all or nothing mindset and sometimes sabotage my efforts. We all know that it is  not realistic to think that humans can be perfect. So why not let go of this idea?

Over the years I have come to forgive myself, let go, and move forward whenever I strayed from being perfect. The wonderful reality of being human is that very fact that we are not perfect. life is fluid and we must adapt to what comes our way even when we are on a 30 day mission to improve our health. I practice this belief more each year. For example this week, I didn’t have time to make an actual meal for my family  so I searched out the organic food section of the grocery store and found a wonderful organic soup with very few whole ingredients  (see photo for brand).  Today, I  had a glass of champagne and a small piece of birthday cake for a dear friend celebrating her 50th. In the past I would have felt guilty and disappointed in myself for falling off the wagon. But today I get right back up, dust off my boots and keep going ! After all it’s the home stretch ! 20160516_201227

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