Detox Success Story! A Family’s Lifestyle Change

PhotoGrid_1461756584061One of our 2016 detox clients wanted to share her challenging yet very successful 30 Day Whole Body Detox program story with us. As she has chosen to be authentic and vulnerable with us, she has asked to remain anonymous. Here is her story:

At first I honestly thought that my coach asked the wrong person to join this detox because at the evening launch I saw more healthy, professional people; not struggling, overweight, unhealthy single moms. Now, I am glad that my coach asked me to join for so many reasons.  I had a real difficult month personally and I truly believe that had I not been doing this I would have handled things much differently and not in a positive, good way.  I still had tough moments but had much more clarity and faster bounce back than in the past.

For example, here’s what happened on Mother’s Day. My thought was that I was almost done the detox and for Mother’s Day I would have whatever I wanted, I deserved it.  I was thinking something yummy, and really over the top.  But then I stopped that thought, because that was my old way of thinking; that that kind of junk food was what made me happy, comforted and safe.  When in fact this month’s food did make me happy, confident and hopeful.  So I had a fantastic Mother’s Day and stayed on track.

My 13 year old son 13 weighed 220 pounds when we first started the program, and he only wanted junk food, fast food and would only eat white carbs at home.  He reluctantly came along for the ride when my other older two sons asked if they could also do it with me. I had told them that  I wouldn’t be keeping the junk food in the house because it was too tempting for me.

On Mothers’ Day after me stopping and picking him up Wendy’s (another old habit) for lunch he really didn’t want it and asked me straight out if we could keep eating the way we have been eating through the detox, even though the 30 days is almost up.  I asked him why, and his reply was that he has lost 15 pounds, his acne has cleared up and he feels good.  What surprised me most is that he has made a connection that I, an adult in my 40s had only just made.  What we eat affects everything we do and how we look and how we feel.

So here is a list of some highlights:

  • For the first time ever I have run out of veggies before the week ran out.
  • For the first time ever I am not going through my fridge on Saturday morning and throwing away a bunch of slimy, bad produce because I didn’t eat them.
  • I always thought that it cost more to eat healthy.  It does if you’re throwing it all away and still eating junk.  But I have seen that it’s just a shift in where I’m spending.  So where I used to spend money on fast food and junk that is now being put into healthy food.
  • When we first started it was new so old habits were still there.  But as we progressed I noticed that the boys and myself were eating less frequently.  Before with the junk food they would be in the kitchen every half hour getting something.  Now with the healthier food I see the satiety effects, which I never really saw before.  So again they are eating less so it really isn’t more expensive.
  • It does take more effort but the funny thing is that by eating healthy I have way more energy.  I can get the prep done and still have time to have fun with my kids.  Before I would always hear from them that I always said I was too tired to do anything with them.  Which was true.
  • This past week, I had a bad day and I ate two frozen mini pizzas, (old habit), and then I had what I call food coma sleep, one that I had not had all month.  It was a sluggish awful feeling that I did not like.  So after that the rest of the day I ate well and by the evening I even went for a walk. Far from my old habits!
  • Our family has signed up for David Suzuki’s 30×30 challenge, where you get out in nature for at least 30 minutes a day every day in May and do some physical activity.  We have done it every day, and are having fun!  Before we would eat dinner, watch TV, or they would play video games and then go to bed.

This is just a small look at how the detox has changed my family; but definitely not a small change in our lives.

This truly is a lifestyle change program disguised as a detox program. And the reason our clients repeat the program every year is because it’s challenge to stay on track for the other 11 months of the year. Most people stick with their new habits til the holiday season. The yearly detox allows people to get back on track and create even more new habits!

You can still join us this year! Our last big group start will be on Tuesday May 24th, following the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada. US friends, we recommend you start the Tuesday after Memorial Day. If you’re ready to join us, ORDER NOW. Want more info? Check out this YouTube video on the Top 15 Reasons to Join us for the Detox this year.

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