30 Day Whole Body Detox – Day 15


Today marks the official half way mark of my 30 Day Whole Body detox. I am encouraged by how I feel as I begin my third week of the program. I rise in the morning feeling awake and refreshed. But that is only if I get enough sleep ! I need my sleep now more than ever and I especially appreciate the hour(s) before midnight. I suspect that because my body no longer relies on caffeine to wake me during the day, my body tells me when I have not had enough good restorative sleep. This is great news! My body is finding its own rhythm again !

One of the pleasant side effects of doing this program is how our physical appearance improves. I don’t own a scale and have not weighed myself since the fall so I am not aware f I have released pounds but my clothes do feel loose and more comfortable. I have been receiving compliments from people who don’t know that I am doing the detox but notice that I am glowing and look healthy.

I realize that I have been eating quite similarly to this program for the most part since December 2015  when I decided to stop eating grains, but I continue to learn new ways of preparing food and I stumble upon little things that make me realize there is a whole world out there of things undiscovered. Who knew that you could purchase empty tea filters that allow you to steep your favourite teas and most importantly who new that I would one day get this excited about teas ? David’s Teas offers these wonderful little sachets with a drawstring closure so tea leaves stay put. I am excited to discover the hundreds of new tea flavours out there.   This is what makes it worthwhile to stretch ourselves and leave our comfort zone so that we may grow and expand our world.

Yesterday it was Mother’s Day and my husband and kids took me out for dinner to celebrate. I stuck to the program for the most part and did the same today when I attended a family lunch at a favourite local restaurant. I did help myself to a few  corn tortilla chips and some dips that may have contained dairy. But for me this program is not about being perfect but more about the journey and strengthening my healthy habits. Five years ago when I followed  the first edition of this program I veered off the path more often and I may have even sabotaged with the all or nothing mindset. Today I can say that when I do stumble, I have learned to accept my choices and move on.

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