The 30 Day Whole Body Detox – Day 9

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I may have gotten over the hump with my caffeine withdrawal. Can I hear a cheer ?! Headaches have been gone for a few days now and my sciatica is lessening. I am left with a dull lower backache but nothing I can’t tolerate. Again this is my body telling me I am tired and I am grateful that I am aware of the underlying fatigue my body was experiencing. I couldn’t feel it while I was wired on coffee.

I must say I am still shocked at how addictive caffeine can be. As the most widely consumed stimulant in the world, it sure packs a punch when we try to remove it from our diet. And for this reason I have decided to not go back to it. My adrenals don’t need the extra stress that my daily coffee has placed on them for the last decade. I am excited to experience my energy without the help of a stimulant. The real “Energizer Bunny” is returning!
Meanwhile I am enjoying the whole foods and the supplements I am nourishing my cells with. My adrenals will heal in no time.

Part of the joy of this program is that it allows us the time to create easy dishes with simple ingredients in just minutes with what we have in our fridge. I am inspired and it’s so zen to me to spend time in the kitchen creating simple dishes.

Today for lunch I decided to fill a Portobello mushroom cap with a tomato sauce I made for my family featuring red peppers, more mushrooms and sweet onion cooked in olive oil. I baked it at 450 degrees Farenheit for 15 minutes. It was juicy and meaty.

This program has made me  fall in love even more with avocado. We need our good fats. My favourite treat is the occasional gluten-free toast that  I spread  with half of a perfectly ripe avocado topped with sea salt.

I look back at a decade ago  and this would not have been the types of food I would crave. But the longer I am on this journey of optimal health the closer I get to feeling like my best self all while helping others do the same.

With Day 9 almost complete I am happy to go into my second week with more energy and with a renewed sense of excitement that my body, specially my adrenals, are receiving the attention they need to work optimally.


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