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Thank you to the Founder of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Julie Boyer for inviting me to be the guest blogger while I take on yet another 30 Day journey with this fabulous program. This is my 5th time coaching and doing this program and I have looked forward to taking the time out every spring for some self-care and being conscious of what I put in my mouth. The detox has gotten easier every year and this is all due to the lifelong habits I have created along the way.

This year I wanted to challenge myself and really confront head on this fear I had of giving up coffee for 30 days. After all, the things we hold on to very tightly are maybe the very things we need to let go of.  During my four previous experiences with my 30 Day Whole Body Detox I would replace coffee with the USANA Rev 3 Surge pack, which is a clean source of caffeine from white, green and black tea and includes nutrients and ingredients like Korean Ginseng and Rhodiola.

Unlike 90 percent of the population who consume caffeine daily I spent most of my  life caffeine free. Somehow I never picked up the morning coffee ritual until I was 40 and a first time entrepreneur.   I had managed to live life without coffee until then and so my occasional cup of java turned into a full-fledged dependency… or so I thought.

What if I didn’t need coffee to start my day ? I wanted to experience my pre-coffee days again when I had plenty of energy  and was even nicknamed the “Energizer Bunny” by friends and family.

And so day one arrived and I temporarily ended my love affair with coffee and went cold turkey. I was prepared for the worse as I had heard from many people that caffeine withdrawal could be very uncomfortable. Six hours after what would be my daily caffeine indulgence of two cups of coffee,  the symptoms showed up in full force. I did say I liked a good challenge !

I felt sleepy and so sluggish and experienced a massive headache. I also felt unmotivated and slightly depressed and had to nap several times. The morning of day two was much the same except for the headache.  The sleepiness and fatigue made it tough and after consulting with Julie Boyer I followed her suggestion and chose to ease the symptoms with one half of a REV 3 Surge Pack which is equivalent to a half cup of coffee.  I did this for three days and today I can say as I write this I am caffeine free  for the first time in a decade !

This program is so much more than a spring detox where you create new lifestyle habits and take care of yourself for 30 days. It is an opportunity to recognize our fears and our misconceptions and the self-doubt we have. When I look back now,  I had expected that going caffeine free would mean days and perhaps weeks of discomfort  . But our bodies are remarkable machines designed to do the very things that we take for granted. I look forward to waking up tomorrow bright-eyed without any help from my morning cup of coffee. I am not saying I won’t return to coffee but I know now tat when that day comes  it’s not because I need to have my coffee. It’s because I choose to enjoy a warm cup of coffee on a cool sunny morning on my patio.

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  1. I can identify with this Sara! I had 2-3 days of caffeine withdrawal. I did go back to coffee because I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee…love the taste, the smell… night I actually get a little excited about my coffee the next morning. But I continue to have hot water & lemon first…before anything else. Then savor that delicious coffee as I do some early morning reading! and yes….I will go through that withdrawal again next year when I do the detox!

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