A Snowy Start for the 5th Edition

It’s day 6 of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox and we have at least 25 people starting together on Monday April 4th. And here in Ontario, Canada, we are covered in a blanket of snow. Adding an extra layer of challenge to a spring detox, that’s for sure! I’m encouraging everyone to make green juice and eat lots of salads so that we can quickly get back to spring weather. What do you love most about spring?

Gratitude Tip: Being grateful no matter the weather can be a challenge! Especially when you’re awaiting a snow storm on April 3rd. As I have shared many times before, it’s not that we have to be grateful for everything that happens, but simply to find gratitude no matter the situation. The sun is shining through my office window as I type this. And it is really beautiful outside (even though it looks and feels like February). We had the opportunity for a nice warm fire yesterday afternoon, and perhaps we have enough wood for another one tonight. 

green juice, julie boyer, detoxThis morning I am drinking a green juice that I made myself. I dusted off the juicer that I bought off Kijiji last year – I used it throughout the summer but put it away in the fall and winter. My taste buds have changed, which is a good thing! The same juice I made last year, that is a 60/40 veggie and fruit mix, tastes really sweet to me now. I’ll have to adjust the recipe next time. I am already feeling really great and full of energy. This year has been the easiest yet, because so many of my habits have changed over the past four years, that when it’s time to focus on the detox, there isn’t a lot that has to change.

This program has also influenced my family. Yesterday my husband made an amazing Buddha bowl style stir fry, with yellow & orange peppers, carrots and mango on a bed of brown rice, topped with avocado, cilantro, sunflower seeds and a bit of tamari and olive oil. It was a delicious and creative blend and I loved it. Our daughter ate a full bowl as well, which surprised us both, as she usually prefers her veggies raw. Seems like everyone’s taste buds have changed in the past year, for the better. It’s a lot of fun doing this as a family and sharing our meals together.

stir fry, detox, julie boyerI am starting to understand more and more why some people get angry about sugar, and how it’s in everything. I try not be judgmental when I see parents choosing to feed their children sugar and I even let my daughter have some. When I look back on the 2 previous winters before this one (which was relatively mild), I basically coped with the cold weather by feeding myself sugar, on top of a very healthy diet – you know, that 10% of ‘cheat’? And not only did I feed myself sugar, my family was eating it too. Our young daughter was addicted to sugar too. And the only reason I can really ‘see’ now how much it was affecting our family is that I have this year as a comparison. We’ve all transitioned to the detox well. My daughter forget about her Easter candy within two days and even my husband has left it alone.

There’s a story I haven’t shared with many people, and I’m going to share it here with you today because I want to demonstrate how our children will do what we do and not what we say. For many, many years I was addicted to Diet Coke (yes Coke, not Pepsi). I would start my day with a DC, usually by about 9 am and I would have a second can in the afternoon. That would be it as I would limit myself to two cans a day. My second can was usually accompanied by a chocolate bar or sweet snack. This was early in my USANA business, and I figured that this was my only bad habit, so it was ok. But I knew that drinking chemicals was not good for my body or my cellular nutrition. Yet I couldn’t stop! I would stop buying it from the grocery store and then I would end up walking to the corner story to get it. I spent thousands of dollars stopping a gas stations for a cold CAN (had to be the can) of Diet Coke. I was truly behaving like an addict. And do you want to know what made me stop? When my daughter was about 14 months old, I had been playing with her on her playmat and was about to open my DC. She picked it up and pretended to drink it. And at that moment, I quit. That was it for me. I was not going to teach my child to drink soda of any kind. That was 4 years ago – a few months before I launched the first detox program. And I haven’t touched it since. Not even one glass.

What are you doing, right now, that you wouldn’t want your children, grand-children, future children or nieces or nephews doing? If you’re ready to change your habits and you want support doing it, join us for the 30 Day Whole Body Detox. You’ve got nothing to lose, except bad habits and so much to gain!

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