An Early Start This Year

Simple Vegetarian Chili from the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook

Simple Vegetarian Chili from the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook

Looks like a few of us will be starting early this year! Pat Birnie, veteran detoxer started over 2 weeks ago, all on her own. Myself (program founder) and Dr. Erica Mattia, Chiropractor and program designer, are starting tomorrow, on Tuesday March 29th, the same day as the live launch event here in Burlington.  I wasn’t planning on starting so soon but because I had already planned to make several of the recipes this week already, I decided to give it a go! I will have to make another trip to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients to make fresh juice however, as that wasn’t yet on my radar today.

Tonight, I’m printing out some of the bonuses from the program, including the pre and post detox program checklist. Even though I’m the founder, I still do the program as I were a client – and I commit to it to the same degree. This year will be my 5th year completing the program and let me tell you, it gets easier and easier every year! I made a decision to give up alcohol (with the exception of a few special events here and there) in August 2015, so that part of the program won’t be as hard. I do still enjoy REV3 powder in my morning shake, a small dose of caffeine from green tea, white tea and black tea. This product is actually allowed on the program for those who have a serious caffeine addiction but for me, it’s best if I cut it out altogether.

Hershey's Eggies #mynemesis

Hershey’s Eggies #mynemesis

My biggest challenge has always been SUGAR. I have a serious addiction to sugar. It only takes a few bars of chocolate (even the dark chocolate) to send me into a sugar craving frenzy! I shared how badly I was addicted to sugar 2 years ago before I did the detox program that year. It literally saved my life as I was slipping into a depression – and it was due to the sugar addiction. I’m sure that there is a link between those who have been diagnosed at one time or another with depression and sugar addiction, as there is a definite link. Even after having only a little bit of Easter chocolate, I am already feeling it affect my mood and energy – hence my desire to start the detox as soon as possible.

Much like Diet Coke, which I was addicted to for years, I cannot even handle a taste. Sugar is very dangerous for me, and I know that when I choose to eat it (because now I can make the choice), I tend to quickly crave it again. And I use my lifestyle strategies including the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, to quickly break the cycle. Perhaps after this year’s program I’ll be able to resist sugar for even longer. I find that after the program, my sugar cravings are gone and my desire for chocolate is diminished. I am very proud of myself for having resisted eating Eggies this year. These candy coated chocolate eggs have been my nemesis for YEARS. I knew that having just one would set me off. It was VERY hard to resist temptation, but I stayed strong and Easter is over so they will be gone for another 10 months or so, thankfully.

These are my reasons for doing the detox program every year. What about you? Are you a veteran of the program? How many times have you done the program? What are your program goals this year? Share with us in the comments.

5th edition detox launchLooking forward to seeing many of you tomorrow night at the LIVE launch!! Can’t make it on site? We’ve got you covered with a LIVE STREAM ticket, so that you can watch the event from home!! for tickets and event details.


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