Detox Veteran Shares Her Results for 2015

Cherlynn Moore has been a contributor and participant from the start! She loves the program and also loves sharing it with her clients every year. Here is her story from 2015:

Cherlynn before and after her detox

Cherlynn before and after her detox

‘My 30th Day has arrived and I’m starting it out right! Gluten free waffles with berries and beet, carrot and apple juice with my supplements! I’m not much for bikini selfies as weight loss is never a goal of mine, but more of a happy result of the detox. The photo on the beach was taken while on vacation in Florida this March/April. Following my trip I began the detox the next day. I was slightly bloated while on vacation and I had some serious skin issues as you can see in the other pictures.

This is my 4th year doing the detox so I wasn’t a stranger to what I was going to feel during the 30 days. I will say that it was much easier after my first week. Week 1 I felt exhausted, cranky, I got headaches and was super hungry. Half way into week two I felt much better and I wasn’t as hungry and able to go places while detoxing rather than hiding in at home afraid my “hang-er” would take over. Mid way through week 3 I got a bad case of a flu bug which kept me from worrying about the hunger issue. But I continued to push on through the detox.

cherlynn glowing skin

Her skin is glowing!

I will say I had a couple of cheat days on weekends as sometimes it was hard to stick 100% with my busy schedule this past month but when I was out for dinners I always asked for the gluten free menu. I even stayed away from the cupcakes at Kelly’s bake shoppe on a trip there with my son! (That was so hard lol). I am a self proclaimed sugar addict and therefore I have made the choice to continue this program into the month of May as best as I possibly can. I will also be honest in saying that I will do my best as it was difficult to cook two meals for me and my husband and kids. They were incredibly supportive which I think made it that much easier and because it wasn’t my first time and no one gave me a hard time for making the choice to eliminate certain items from my diet. I did not do a weigh in or measurements as that was not a goal of mine but I have noticed it is a result that my bloated stomach is gone and that I have more definition. I also have incredible energy so I have been taking advantage of it working outside in my yard and it gives me immense happiness that I can keep up with my busy 2-year old and 5-year old!’

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