Detox – It’s More Than Just Physical

First time program client and new coach, Christine Mathieu, shares her experience with the 30 Day Whole Body Detox.

30 day whole body detox

Christine post-detox

‘So here I am … Day 30 of my 30 Day Whole Body Detox! Wow – it’s been an amazing ride! Like anything else, when you embark on creating change in your life, it’s really uncomfortable at first … and this was no exception.

In the beginning it meant getting organized to ensure that I would persevere – and with 6 people in my household that’s no small task. The biggest take-away for me was that this detox isn’t just about the physical body, it never is!

The first 7-10 days was about releasing anger, sadness, and allowing myself to go with the flow emotionally. And when I hit the “wall”, I learned to laugh at myself and let go.

Then somewhere along Day 17+ I experienced profound clarity and an explosion of creativity – poems, articles, sales copy just flew out of me! That ever expanding Divine connection strengthened – no unhealthy foods or negative emotions to block my channel.

I have more energy, ideas come more easily, and my husband told me the other day that I “look” different – my aura shifted! Have I been told my skin is glowing? Yes. Have people remarked on my weight loss (10 lbs.)? Yes. Those are the happy side effects.

The true gifts that this experience has offered is all that is emotional and spiritual … and for me, that’s EVERYTHING. Your Truth is not of your physical body – it’s of your Spirit. And believe it or not, this 30 Day Detox has brought me even closer to my Truth.

Thank you Sara Martel for introducing me to this program, to USANA, and to an additional business!!’

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