30 Day Whole Body Detox – Day 25

Not sure what I was thinking going to Vegas and then 4 days after that trip attending a two day personal development seminar! Although the seminar leader, Tony Daum, was also in Vegas with me and he’s come all the way from Florida to coach us this weekend. So I will continue to be present and do my best to learn from my mentor while he is here in person.

In the four years that I have done this program I have never been as busy as I am this year! It is off the hook and it has been a challenge to plan – even grocery shopping sometimes doesn’t happen. Thankfully, I have been doing it for 4 years so I know how to stick to the plan without needed to cook a new recipe every night. Today was a two salad day for me. I had a salad from the hotel restaurant and I brought one from home for dinner. I drank lots of water and enjoyed a few other snacks during the day. And what’s funny is that I didn’t even finish my dinner salad – I was full! Strange things start to happen on this program, let me tell you. I’m excited to share all of my results with you next week. I will say this, my black dress pants were not staying up very well yesterday….

Looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday May 5th for our live Spring Nutrition Seminar in Burlington Ontario. All of the details are here and you don’t want to miss our amazing line up of speakers, all of whom are program contributors.

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