30 Day Whole Body Detox 2015 – Day 14

Tomorrow will be the halfway point in this year’s 30 Day Whole Body Detox for me. And I will be flying to Las Vegas! The true test of a detox program will be how well I do while travelling. Please note, there will not be a post tomorrow as I will be flying in the evening.

What I’ve realized (or remembered from last year) so far:

  1. I am not as hungry as I was before. And I rarely get hangry!
  2. I don’t have any desire to eat after dinner and can easily go 12 hours without eating.
  3. Even though it’s not the plan, the numbers on the scale are dropping.
  4. I have no sugar cravings. None! I occasionally think about Eggies, but don’t have any desire to eat them. Not that I could, cause they are gone (thankfully).
  5. Speaking of Eggies, best plan for 2016 is to avoid them at all costs. It’s like Diet Coke – I was an addict for years and I have been free of this addiction since 2012, but I cannot even have a sip of one. Too easy to get back on that train of artificial sweetener nightmare!
  6. Sparkling water with lemon is good. Took me a long time to get here folks, I have never enjoyed it til now.
  7. It feels really good to be free of cravings. I feel like I am totally in control of what goes into my mouth.
  8. I have more energy!
  9. This program is truly life changing, for me and my clients every year. We all make lasting changes and simply fine tune by doing it again every spring.
  10. Cabbage. I like to eat cabbage salad (not so much coleslaw). Beets. I still don’t like them but I will try again.

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