30 Day Whole Body Detox 2015 – Day 11

Today is a big day. I am super excited to have achieved a major business goal that I have been working towards for the past 13 weeks. And I won’t be celebrating with bubbly this time :-(. Don’t worry! We will celebrate with komubucha, at lease it’s got bubbles and it’s pink.

Sparkling Kombucha

Sparkling Kombucha

Quick post tonight as it’s quite late and there is much celebrating to be done. My neighbor and I were talking today about the program, and she says she’s noticed many differences and lost weight in the first five days. My neighbor is 71 and in good health for sure but I noticed it too. Her skin is brighter and so are her eyes. We talked about how quickly things can change with the program. But we both agreed that the reason the program is so successful is that it does last for 30 days. After only 5 days, it’s easy to go back to our old habits. But after 30 days of sticking to this kind of lifestyle, your habits have changed for sure. And even though you may not give up coffee and alcohol forever, you will likely have a bit less for the months that follows. Old habits will creep back in over time but that is why we do it every year!

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve done the program before, what are some of the lasting changes you have created?

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