30 Day Whole Body Detox 2015 – Day 10

Ready to juice!

Ready to juice!

Double digits today! Already a third of the way through the program and things are going super for me and my first group of clients who started on the same day! The second group is only four days in so I will get some feedback this weekend. I have one more group starting on Tuesday the 21st and I have only 2 spots left, as there is a limited number of people I can coach at the same time and we’re pretty close to that number. Please let me know asap if you want one of those spots, if not, the next group I will be coaching starts on May 4th.

Started with another green juice today, a combo of different fruits and veggies I had in my fridge. It’s been a good busy week for business as you can probably imagine so I haven’t been out to the grocery store since the weekend. Luckily, there is a lot of cabbage left so I made another batch of the Super Savour Cabbage Salad by Linda Heredia, RHN for dinner, served with a Sol Cuisine vegan burger. They also have soy free options, but for me, I am ok with a bit of soy in my diet.2015-04-16 18.12.58

This afternoon I watched the episode of The Dr. Oz Show with my neighbors. Dr. Oz had a great way of explaining how the liver works and why Hepa Plus (Hepasil in the US) can help with optimal liver function. I love how he keeps things so simple. Hepa Plus is one of the foundation products in our program. Did you catch the episode? There were also some great tips on being healthy on a budget. The video will be posted tomorrow and I will share it with you on the blog. See below for today’s special on Hepa Plus. Expires Thursday April 16th at 10 pm EST. info (a) 30daywholebodydetox.com to order.

Next week is the biggest detox challenge ever! I will be heading to Las Vegas for 6 days! I want to show you guys that travelling is no excuse and that you can do this program anywhere. And that you can have lots of fun without alcohol. I am going for business, mixed with pleasure of course, so I will just have to make different choices.

hepa special


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