30 Day Whole Body Detox 2015 – Day 2

11125280_10100638637892240_1675071278_nLast night we kicked off this year’s program with an informative and entertaining webinar. Entertaining mostly because I was having some challenges moving between the different presentations. Our speakers, Linda Heredia, RHN and Erica Mattia, DC were excellent as usual. I always learn from both of these wonderful women every time I listen to them present. Missed the live webinar? Not worry, we recorded it and you can watch it here.

We now have over 30 coaches for this year’s program, with each coach leading anywhere from 1-3 people. It’s pretty amazing to be supported by such a great group of women who are leading the way in lifestyle and nutrition. Not to worry guys, you can be coaches too! We just haven’t had any register just yet.

This morning I enjoyed a leftover juice from yesterday and it was still delicious. I still have to figure out timing in the morning though as I felt a bit rushed with a lemon tea, juice and then making a smoothie for my daughter (saved mine for later) and her lunch. I’ll need an extra half hour in mornings for a little while to get used to a different routine. Lunch was pretty much the same salad as yesterday but the good news is that I’m not cravings sweets as much! Yeah!! Thank goodness I am not in the same sugar detox I was in last year. That wasn’t much fun.

2015-04-08 17.39.50Dinner was a modified version of the mango-peanut stir fry as I forgot to buy fresh mangoes. I used some frozen mango and ended up heating it in the pan after I had cooked the veggies. It was really delicious and very filling! I am already starting to feel really good!! I am also excited for all who are starting next week. Our first big group start! If you are local to Burlington and would like to start on Monday April 13th, please contact me tonight (April 8th) so that your order can be picked up tomorrow. Message me on Facebook or email info (at) 30daywholebodydetox.com



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