8 Reasons Why I am Grateful for Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

It’s no secret that I love Kelly’s Bake Shoppe here in Burlington, Ontario – especially if you follow me on Instagram. I like to joke that my Instagram feed is full of green smoothies, photos of my daughter, and Kelly’s cupcakes. And photos of my daughter with Kelly’s cupcakes. I wanted to share with you why I am so very grateful for this wonderful bakery and the two women who started it, Kelly Childs and Erinn Weatherbie – an amazing mother & daughter team.

8 Reasons Why I am Grateful for Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

2014-02-14 13.09.40Delicious, gluten-free vegan treats that are actually healthy and (mostly) guilt-free! Since I discovered that I am truly gluten-intolerant over two years ago, it has been such a wonderful blessing to be able to eat amazing desserts again. The bakery is also peanut-free which is great for those who have allergies, like one of my daughter’s friends.

2013-10-31 15.09.08The friendly, helpful staff who treat us like family. True, we are there several times a month so it’s easy to recognize us, but they treat every client the same way. Always a warm smile and hugs too! It’s such a wonderful environment to visit and we enjoy meeting friends there for a cupcake date.

Erinn, Kelly and JulieThe incredible example of female entrepreneurship that Kelly & Erinn have shown. Two women, mother & daughter, starting an alternative bakery (vegan!) in the downtown core and within their first year, you can see their success as soon as you walk in the door. They have also taken great care in hiring amazing people to work at the bakery which means that they can actually step away from the store and take vacations once in a while. That is the sign of true leadership, when you can be away and things run just as smoothly as if you were there.

Happy Birthday Dan!

Happy Birthday Dan!

We now have a go-to place for our celebrations. Whenever we have a birthday or special occasion (or if someone needs to be cheered up, for example when my daughter broke her arm), Kelly’s is the place to go. Our friends bring us cupcakes when they visit. My husband brings me treats to congratulate me when I have a business success. And anything goes because I can safely eat anything on the menu.

2014-07-04 12.16.55The value of the food. They have a saying at their sister restaurant, Lettuce Love Café, ‘Good food ain’t cheap and cheap food ain’t good’. This goes for the bakery as well. Using the best ingredients leads to the best products. And it’s worth it every time.

2014-06-21 19.33.55The Mile High Brownie. Nuff said.

Their social media skills. I’ve learned quite a bit from how Kelly & Erinn have been using Facebook and Instagram to build their tribe and it’s really refreshing to see a brand that makes you feel good when it shows up on your feed. Not to mention all of the great content and recipe on both their blogs. I guarantee you that I will be on board to help with their social media campaign when their book is released in a year or so.

2014-07-20 14.53.12

Kelly’s Tribe

And finally, it’s a business built on LOVE. You can tell that there is so much love in everything they do, from the beautiful poem that Ken (Kelly’s husband) painted on the ceiling of the bakery (look up next time you walk in), to the attitude of the staff and the loyalty of the customers. Imagine a world where all businesses lead with love!

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