How We Look at Ourselves is Reflected By Our Daughters

It took courage for Cherlynn to share her before and after photos from this year’s detox program. She shared her journey on the blog as she was part of the way through. Her results after 30 days? Simply amazing. Congratulations Cherlynn!

Cherlynn's Success!

Cherlynn’s Success!

‘So I have been harbouring my before and after pics from my 30 Day Whole Body Detox. First, I felt insecure of my body and second I thought it wasn’t enough of a significant change. Today I put them side by side and saw that I’ve come such a long way in 30 Days. Even more so in the last few months. Eliminating certain things from my diet really has shown me an optimal way of living. I’m trying to embrace my body and not focus in on my negative points and show myself some love. I have a little girl looking up to me who I want to learn self love and embrace her body. So here it is! I’m down 8 lbs and I definitely have more energy and I’m trying my best to keep up the healthy eating. The biggest change I’ve noticed after completing the detox was that my tummy would hurt after eating too much foods that included gluten. I immediately felt bloated and uncomfortable. I also noticed that my skin is clearer but the biggest culprit is sugar so I’m still limiting the amount of sugar I intake including if I have a coffee or tea. Thank Julie Boyer and Sara Martelfor encouraging me to post these pics! You two are a huge inspiration to me! Xoxo’

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