Busy Mom’s 30 Day Journey

Vicky approached me about doing the 30 Day Whole Body Detox with some of her friends in May. An athlete, mom and entrepreneur, Vicky has her hands full already. How would she be able to fit the detox program into her life? She shares her story with us:

Lighter and Happier!

Lighter and Happier!

‘I am a busy mom of 2 boys, athlete, entrepreneur and speaker. For over a year, I tried my best to eat Paleo. For the ones who don’t know – it’s the cavemen way of eating: Meat, fish, veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds. NO dairy, grains, legumes, starch, process foods, etc. I feel really good when I’m committed but the challenge is that it’s been a roller coaster – due to some lack of motivation, energy or time. Then I fall off the band wagon and well, you all know what happens…you have to start all over again! I’m French which means I LOVE dairy, bread, coffee and wine!!

I told Julie I wanted to write a testimonial for the detox she created because I have tried so many diets, cleans, detoxes, etc. and this is the first one that fits easily into my lifestyle and I could stick to for 30 days!!  Why you may ask? Well, for me, being able to have gluten free or soy products and legumes once in a while was a treat!! It made it so easy to incorporate into a family meal plan too! So for example, Friday nights, I made gluten and dairy free little pizzas for the whole family and everybody loved it!! I never even thought of that option before…

Over and above the fact that it was easy to incorporate in the busy family lifestyle, I felt amazing! I was surprised how energetic I felt after few days without coffee. I woke up feeling vibrant. I had my probiotics, hot lemon water and a green smoothie later on. I stopped being bloated, heavy and tired.  I got though the afternoon without the typical crash!

To be honest it became such a normal part of my routine, I forgot when the 30 days ended! I had a few glasses of wines and a couple lattes over the Victoria Day long weekend and it really slashed my energy. I love my wine and my coffee, don’t get me wrong, but I will try my best to reduce my consumption to a minimum! Just knowing how amazing I can feel is enough motivation to keep going!
Thanks Julie!’

Great story Vicky! Our program is simple enough that even a busy mom can make it work with her family. You’re eating real food, supporting your body with amazing supplements and learning new lifestyle habits

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