Program Founder, Julie Boyer’s 2014 Testimonial

Before and After

Before and After

This is a re-post of an earlier post when I had just completed the program. One month later, I am still following the ‘rules’ of the program – no wheat or gluten, no dairy, no refined sugar, no caffeine and alcohol (wine) only once in a while. I find that I have a lot less interest in chocolate and wine. My cravings have disappeared! And I feel great and still fit into all of my clothing (actually, several pants are falling off!) Here is the story from immediately after the detox ended:

This year’s 30 Day Whole Body Detox  has had the most impact for me personally, and I’m the program founder! And the first year is when I found out I have a gluten intolerance, so I am very pleased to have had some serious life changing moments this time around.

Did I reach my goals this month? Not all of them. Due to my toe injury, I wasn’t able to exercise much at all. That will change in May. My sugar and chocolate addiction is gone. And my bedtime and evening routine has changed for the better.

Results from my 2014 Whole Body Detox:

  • After a massive sugar detox, feel amazing and back to my energetic and passionate self.
  • No caffeine (not even REV3) for 30 days. I function well without it, so I won’t be adding it back into my lifestyle.
  • No alcohol for 30 days, no cheating this year (I had 1 glass in years prior). My choices for alcohol will be different; I will stick to wine (organic varieties are of interest) and stay away from coolers. My hubby has decided to change his beer to a local micro-brewery, Nickel Brook, to avoid all of the additives found in the major label beers.
  • First time making a green juice (using a Vitamix). I loved it! I will continue to make these regularly.
  • Tried many new foods this month including collard greens, fennel, black kale and gluten-free oats. Found several new recipes from the 30 Day Whole Body Detox Recipe & Guidebook that will be staying in our weekly rotation. À
  • A total of 8 lbs gone. An unexpected side effect. I had gained about 5 lbs over the winter (ugh!) and easily lost it and more in 30 days.


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