Discovery of a Gluten-Intolerance

Here is Shirley Hoppner’s story, she was hesitant to try the program but after plateauing with her current plan, she was ready to try something new. Shirley lost a total of 8 lb, but that’s not the most significant result – read her story to find out how the 30 Day Whole Body Detox has changed her life.

“I had questioned what was going on with my body, but was never brave enough to do a gluten, or dairy elimination, to try and prove it, till I heard about this plan.

My 30 days has come to an end, I was not sure if I could do this or not! Once I got into it, and realized how much better I felt for it, there was no turning back. Within the first few days, I realized a few things:

  • I had more energy
  • My sinuses and head started to decongest
  • My joint and muscle pain improved
  • The belly bloat went away

And the biggest change was I could make a fist, and it did not hurt, the swelling in my hands went away. I did not realize they were as bad as they were, till it changed…my hands look so thin now! My rings spin on my fingers, and one I had to quit wearing as it was my Grandmother’s wedding set , I was afraid of losing it.

I allowed myself a cheat at Easter, and had gluten, which made me feel as though I must have a gluten sensitivity! I had a horrible stomach ache, awful gas, and bloating, fingers swollen for several days. I decided to experiment on myself so on one other day, I cheated, and had gluten and dairy and sadly the results were the same!

This past weekend even though I had an opportunity to eat gluten free, there was 1 cheat I thought I would try, just as a 3rd proof of problems. It’s not going to happen again…. I am going GLUTEN-FREE.

I will also try to eat less red meat, and dairy, and more greens, and healthy foods, as I did feel much better on the 30 Day Whole Body Detox!”

We love creating lifestyle changes for people!! This program can be continued after the 30 days without any negative side effects – except possibly more energy, mental clarity and maintenance of a healthy weight. And yes, you can still start now! We’ve got another late group starting right after the long weekend in May. Please message me or the person who introduced you to the program to join us!


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