Detox Love – Cher’s Story

Here is Cherlynn’s story, she’s been a part of this program since the beginning and it’s her 3rd year doing it but this year, like so many of us, the program has had a much bigger impact than before.


Simple, tasty soup

Day 20/30 Day Whole Body Detox! A few things to note since beginning this incredible journey.

1) My skin is clearer than ever, seriously I haven’t had a breakout in 2 weeks! Since having my son last year it was like all the built up hormones were coming out daily on my skin!

2) No More Bloating feeling! I gotta say, I never really noticed how bloated I was until I wasn’t. I’m a skinny jean girl so any sort of bloating really is noticeable but I haven’t been bloated since I’ve started this program.

3) A bank teller actually asked me if I had just came from the salon today because she thought my hair looked amazing! I thought about it after, my hair feels softer, it’s more manageable and it holds curls again, I haven’t worn my her curly in years because it would just fall flat but I have some extra bounce in my step these days.

4) I’m having fun with recipes! I’m getting creative and I don’t feel like I need to over compensate for not being able to have certain ingredients.

5) I’m trying new things! I’ve started yoga classes which I am loving and I started jogging again! I have all this extra energy.

6) I’m feeling more at peace and less frazzled. Aside from my daughter coming down with scarlet fever this week, I find myself feeling positive and having less emotional breakdowns during my hectic mom/work life.

7) I actually think this is something I am going to stick to even after the 30 Days! I just live the way I feel and I really don’t want to go back to the old me!

All in all this has been an amazing journey for me thus far and I still have 10 days to go! I can’t wait to share my final results with you all!

Xo Cher

Below is a fun recipe I created the other day for lunch using what I had in my house.  You can experiment with different ingredients too! It was a cold wet day so I was feeling a soup for comfort food.


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