30 Day Whole Body Detox 2014 – Day 15

Officially completed half of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox this morning!! What a surprise when I stepped on the scale and I have now released a total of 7 lb. I’m excited for sure, but this was never a goal of mine. I made a short video to share with you some of my exciting results so far and also some of the motivation for WHY I’m doing the program.

Halfway through the program!

Halfway through the program!

I had a great time today connecting with the staff and patrons from One Health Clubs in Mississauga about the program.  I’m looking forward to working with a group from the club starting on April 22nd. You’re welcome to join us!

The biggest gift of the program so far is that we all have so much more energy and everyone is sleeping better. Taking caffeine out of our diets, removing alcohol and sugar too, really makes a huge difference! No more afternoons naps (except for my 3 year old)! I get so much more done in a day now as well and I am no longer feeling exhausted.

And by the way, yes this post is a day late, unfortunately the servers for my hosting company, Host Gator, were down for over 12 hours yesterday! I’m searching for a new provider in May, I’m open to suggestions please.

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