30 Day Whole Body Detox 2014 – Day 12

Scandinave Spa

Scandinave Spa

Yesterday I took a real day off for the first time in AGES. I didn’t check in on any of my social media sites all day and I spent the day in Collingwood, at the Scandinave Spa. By the way, no one seems to notice if you don’t log in for a day or so. Feel free to take a social media break this coming long weekend, we’ll see you on Monday.

There is a warning on the website for Scandinave that there may be long wait times on the weekend, but I assumed that if you arrived by 10 am (when it opens) that you would be able to get in. I was incorrect. After a 2 hour drive from home, I stood in line and was told that it was a 3 hour wait to get in. They were giving people call back cards, so that they could leave and come back. I knew that if I waited until 1 pm to get in, I wouldn’t have much time to enjoy it. I asked if there was a ‘singles’ line, as I had come alone. The woman took my number down, and I decided to go and wait in the restaurant. The restaurant is beautiful and relaxing, so I ordered some tea, sat down to read my book and texted my hubby to let him know that I would be manifesting an earlier entry time.

Before I even had time to drink my tea, Mary came to find me and said that they would be able to fit me it. Perfect. My day turned out as I had imagined it, I spent over 3 hours in and out of the pools, steam room and sauna, with many breaks reading by the fire or laying in a hammock.  There are many benefits from hot water, steam and sauna to release toxins, so it’s a perfect time to visit during the 30 Day Whole Body Detox. It’s a beautiful place and it’s supposed to be quiet. One of the most difficult things I think for all of us is to actually not speak and just enjoy the sounds of water, and nature and everything that is going on around us. We are so caught up in filling silence with our words that it becomes difficult to let go and just turn it all off.

I did end up getting some great relaxation time and I read a wonderful book by Doreen Virtue called The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel. I got this book from the library! Imagine my surprise when I saw in on the shelves right at the front of the non-fiction department. Needless to say, I loved it.  I am looking forward to my first in person Angel Card Reading this week.

Movie snacks

Movie snacks

Date night was a trip to the movies. Snacking at the movies is definitely not detox friendly, so I created a simple trail mix blend to enjoy with my water, as I don’t leave home without my water bottle.
Almost halfway through this year’s program! My question to you is, what’s holding you back from doing the 30 Day Whole Body Detox?

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  1. Love this Julie! I especially love how you share real life struggles with doing this sort if lifestyle change! Making snacks for on the go is key to being successful! I’m currently baking my sweet potato and letting my quinoa cool! I will not be going hungry during this! Ps I also love the time you make for yourself, you deserve it!


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