Highlights from the LIVE Event on March 29th!

After months of planning, the Whole Body Detox LIVE event came together yesterday. Personally, it was amazing to see my vision realized in front of my eyes. The day went off without any major challenges (at least that the guests noticed!).

Missed the live event? Not to worry! We are hosting a LIVE webinar (watch on your tablet or computer) on Wednesday April 2nd at 9 pm EST. Sign up here! 

We started the day with a yoga class for The USANA True Health Foundation. Sarah Christink, our instructor, did an amazing job with the small group who gathered for an early morning class before the event. She also did a great job sharing her personal yoga story with us during the event.

Registration opened at 9:30 and there was already a line up of people. All attendees received a FREE copy of the 30 Day Whole Body Detox guidebook, printed by Peninsula Press. The venue, OE Banquet Hall in Oakville, Ontario, is a perfect place for this kind of event. We had enough room for all of the chairs, there is a large stage and a huge screen as well. The back of the room fit all of our vendors nicely and we had space to do the yoga class as well.

Linda Heredia

Linda Heredia

Pat Birnie was the Master of Ceremonies, along with myself. I kicked off the program with the story of how the 30 Day Whole Body Detox was created and my vision for the program. I shared a few program testimonials as well. Our next speaker was Linda Heredia, the Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Life Coach who also helped put together the program this year. She covered her Top 10 Detox tips outlined in the book in more detail for us.


kathleen hayden

Kathleen Hayden & Julie Boyer

Kathleen Hayden of Dream Space SOS followed with her tips on where to start when you are trying to re-organize and de-clutter your space. She used a great analogy of being on a diet compared to de-cluttering your space. See the end goal, work your way backwards and take one step at a time.

maria ringo

Maria Ringo

Maria Ringo is one of our most sought after speakers. As a Homeopath and Certified Live Cell Microscopist, she gives us an insight into what’s going on in our bodies through live blood cell analysis. I have personally visited Maria as a client and she likes to put it, she gives you ‘news you can use’ so that you can make changes or visit your physician if needed.

T by Daniel

T by Daniel

During the lunch break, we encouraged guests to visit our vendor tables, include T by Daniel, who was offering free tea samples and selling his delicious assortment of teas. Daniel has great energy and we were glad he could join us. Jillian Dowling, from SleepWise was also on site as a vendor. Sleep was mentioned by several of our speakers so it was great to have an expert on hand.

We kicked off the afternoon session with a ten minute Zumba pick-me-up by Lydia Lemus, owner of LYDS! Life You Deserve Studio. That certainly got our digestion going!

Dr. Erica Mattia and Jillian Dowling

Dr. Erica Mattia and Jillian Dowling

Dr. Erica Mattia, Chiropractor and Acupuncture provider, was our first speaker for the afternoon. She shared with us her personal story around nutrition and supplementation and then took us through a detailed product guide for the recommended products to accompany the 30 Day Whole Body Detox program. I have to admit, I learned a number of new things!! I was surprised as to how detailed her presentation was. It was awesome.

Cherlynn Grosvold, our graphic designer, shared with us her personal testimonial for the program as she has been involved since the beginning and will be doing the program for the 3rd time with me this year!

Our final speaker was the incredible Olinca Trejo, Naturopathic Doctor. Olinca was recently honoured with a Diamond Readers’ Choice Award in Burlington Ontario as the Best Naturopath in Burlington. Her presentation was over an hour long but no one seemed to notice the time go by. From how our liver works, to gut health and probiotics, all the way to plastics and chemicals that mimic estrogen (sexless alligator!) – let’s just say that we all left with a brain full of information and great tips.

Now that the live event is over, it’s time to start the program! I’ll be leading the way on April 2nd and blogging about my journey daily. We have a larger group starting on April 7th and more starting on the 14th and 21st – so pick a Monday that works for you!

Thank you again to all who helped with the event (Brittany, Sonya & Andrea too) and our sponsors who donated door prizes including:

Kelly’s Bake Shoppe

USANA Canada

Aspire Health

And our water was donated by The Water Shop, 710 Cumberland Ave. Burlington.

All attendees will be receiving an email tomorrow with an event feedback survey, and for those who purchased guidebooks either at the event or via post will be receiving an exclusive webinar link for Wednesday night.

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